Bedrock Family Addon (Bugs Fixed)

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The Bedrock Golem is the most complex mob I have ever created, with a wide range of skills and mechanics. I hope you will enjoy it.

Bedrock Golem Lord

Bedrock Golem Lord: Screenshot

1. Description:

As the leader of the Bedrock family, it possesses impressive combat abilities, although it is not aggressive. However, when under vicious attacks, the Bedrock Golem Lord will be forced to awaken an ancient curse, losing rationality and fiercely annihilating the attackers.

2. Attributes:

  • Health: 990, Armor: 30
  • Special Armor: 60 (Explanation below)

When receiving damage types other than projectiles, void, wither, or magic, it will not lose health but instead have its special armor damaged (the lower the special armor, the higher the chance of damage). When the special armor is above 30, it becomes immune to projectiles and will quickly die in the void. It regenerates one point of special armor every 10-20 seconds, and if in a bedrock environment, it regenerates two points of special armor. It always loses 1 point of special armor when attacked by a wielder of a pickaxe. After being out of combat for 10 seconds, it will rapidly self-heal and repair its special armor. This effect will be interrupted if it is injured again or detects a target.

3. Targeting:

  • Iron Golem/Monsters/Pickaxe wielder

Additional Explanation:

  • After enchantment, it will actively attack any non-Bedrock family mobs.
  • When acquiring a target, it broadcasts its hatred to the Bedrock family.

4. Attacks:

  • Pound and Strike: The most basic attack ways.
  • Slam and Headbutt: Causes knockback.
  • Throw target: Grabs a target and throws it into the air.
  • Shirtfront: Grabs a target and slams it to the ground.
  • Short and Long Charge Punch: Briefly charges and grabs the target, continuously dealing damage. When the target is close, it uses the short charge punch with lower total damage; otherwise, it uses the long charge punch with higher total damage.
  • Charged Smash: Immune to damage while charging, attack causes knockback and stun.
  • Charged Punch: Charges and grabs the target, continuously dealing high damage.
  • Spell Attacks: Briefly casts a spell and deals magical damage in the form of lightning, bedrock spikes, or explosion, prioritizing distancing from nearby targets.
  • Charged Pursuit: Jumps towards its target and creates bedrock spikes.
  • Teleport Smash: Teleports near the target and pounds it.
  • Passive Enchanting: If equipped with Lord Symbol, when health is below 3/10 of the total health or special armor is below 15, it triggers passive enchantment. This process repels non-Bedrock family mobs, increases attack speed, and some attacks become suicide damage. The enchantment has a duration limit, and attacking targets can extend the enchantment duration.
  • High-frequency Resistance: If in an enchanted state, if it receives too many damage instances within two seconds, it gains resistance and becomes immune to damage for a few seconds, summoning Bedrock Golems Luminous (has % damage).

5. Loots:

  • Lord Symbol/Bedrock/Bedrock Shards.

Bedrock Golem Minion:

Bedrock Golem Minions: Screenshot

It has a health value of 165 and behaves similarly to an Iron Golem, but it is much harder. Its enchanted variants have higher attributes. It has a special defense mechanism:

When it spawns, it gains 20 armor, becomes immune to physical damage, and taking physical damage will damage its armor. Once the armor is damaged, it is almost no longer immune to damage. After 3 to 5 seconds, it will regenerate its armor, with a value of 10.

Here are some in-game screenshots.

Bedrock Family: Screenshot 1

Bedrock Family: Screenshot 2

Bedrock Family: Screenshot 3

Bedrock Family: Screenshot 4

Bedrock Family: Screenshot 5

Bedrock Family: Screenshot 6

Updated on February 05

  • Fixed some bugs.
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Bedrock Family (Bugs Fixed)[mcaddon, 689.48 Kb]
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1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10
  1. Can u make us can tame bedrock golem lord,it will be so cool :>
    1. Btw good addon and can u make them protect village? I know u deside it to be a weapon but it so damn good
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