Skye Graphics v4.1

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A simple graphics pack.

Explore the vast and vibrant Overworld, camping under deep and starry skies. Sail the bright blue oceans beneath azure skies scattered with white clouds. Venture beneath the surface into the dim and misty caves. Enter the fiery Nether and scout the unforgiving red land, brightly lit by blazing fires and seas of glaring lava. Dare to cross dimensions into the dark and empty End, surrounded by a vacuum of space and distant stars. Transform your experience of Minecraft with Skye Graphics.

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Experience a brighter, cleaner, and more minimalistic Minecraft with Skye Graphics. Daylight, Twilight, and Starlight modes each offer unique atmospheres. These graphics are specially designed for the Bare Bones and New Horizon texture packs, but are compatible with any other texture pack or shader (as well as vanilla Minecraft). This resource pack supports the Render Dragon engine and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition versions 1.19+ on all devices including Windows, iOS, Android, and console.


  • Unique sky, clouds, sun, and moon
  • Bright blue water in all biomes
  • Lighter, more vibrant colormaps for grass and leaves
  • Atmospheric fogs in the Overworld, Nether, and End
  • Water splash, weather, and smoke particles
  • Improved fog for weather and underwater
  • Brighter fire and lava
  • Three (3) modes (Daylight, Twilight, and Starlight)
  • Looks great with the Bare Bones and New Horizon texture packs
  • Minimal retexturing maximizes compatibility with other texture packs

Starlight, Daylight and Twilight features

Daylight mode

Daylight with blue skies

Lighting in daylight

Lighting during the rain

Twilight mode

Twilight at sunrise and sunset

Lighting at sunrise

Lighting in the water

Starlight mode

Starry midnight skies feature

Night sky with stars

Moon and stars


  • Download, install, and apply Skye Graphics (.mcpack) in Global Resources on top of the other resource packs.
  • The graphics should now work in all your worlds, multiplayer, and servers.
  • To change modes, select Skye Graphics under Global Resources and press the settings gear icon. Slide the bar to choose a mode (Daylight, Twilight, or Starlight). Then, quit and restart Minecraft. The settings should now be updated.

To enhance your experience further, try out these great texture packs:

Bare Bones

New Horizon

Recommended Settings (turn on)

  • Render clouds
  • Beautiful Skies
  • Smooth lighting
  • Fancy Graphics
  • Brightness: 100

Please report any bugs, make suggestions, or ask questions in the comments below or on my official discord server (link below).

You may review this pack or modify it for personal use. Please do not claim or rename this pack (or its resources) and redistribute it as your own.


Skye Graphics was inspired by the Minecraft Trailers as well as many Minecraft creators. Thank you very much to Fluxium for letting use the leaf textures from the Flux Enhanced Addon:

Flux Enhanced Addon (Java Edition leaf textures) - by Fluxium

This graphics pack has been specially designed and integrated for these texture packs:

Thank you to these creators for their great work.

And thanks also to everyone who uses Skye Graphics. I am so glad you enjoy my pack and I really appreciate all the feedback you give.

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Updated on July 16

New in version 4.1

  • Revamped Twilight mode (including new sky and fog)
  • New clouds with a depth-like appearance
  • Updated End dimension atmospherics
  • Tweaked colormaps
  • A couple versions customized to your preferences:
    • Skye Graphics v4.1 is the standard version, updated and improved for the 1.20 update. Note that the leaf textures have been moved to a separate packย (leafier leaves) so you can enable or disable them
    • [LITE] Daylight Skye Graphics only includes the daylight mode and may work better on realms and servers.
    • Cherry Blossom Special Edition is a special mode made for the new cherry blossom biome in the 1.20 update. It has a pink and purple sky andย atmosphere to match the trailers.
Download links
cherry_skye_graphics.mcpack[mcpack, 18.71 Mb]
daylight_skye_graphics_v41.mcpack[mcpack, 17.98 Mb]
leafier_leaves.mcpack[mcpack, 49.24 Kb]
skye_graphics_v41.mcpack[mcpack, 23.87 Mb]
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Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50 1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0 1.18.30
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