Microsoft Announces a Paid Monthly Subscription for Minecraft

Thumbnail: Microsoft Announces a Paid Monthly Subscription for Minecraft

Microsoft has released a monthly subscription service for the famous Minecraft game, which will be called Marketplace Pass, and the subscription cost will be $3.99 per month.

This subscription will allow its owners to access a library of more than 150 different content packs from the Minecraft Marketplace, which are updated every month.

This does not mean that Minecraft players will need to pay a Marketplace Pass subscription in order to continue playing the game as usual, but it will be intended for those who want to experience the distinctive Marketplace content.

The Marketplace serves as a hub for content made by creators for Minecraft such as cosmetic packs, various worlds, texture packs, and other downloadable content. Microsoft will select 150 or more of the best of these to include in the Marketplace Pass, and will also give players a new set of character customization items each month.

The team promised a radical reform soon, but now tell us, will you subscribe to the new game service?

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