The FearCraft Addon for Bedrock [Inspired by Java] {Public Beta}

Thumbnail: The FearCraft Addon for Bedrock [Inspired by Java] {Public Beta}

Ever wanted to make your Minecraft fears become real? This addon adds some popular well known Monsters to your Minecraft world inspired by Java, but with an interesting twist exclusive to Bedrock!

The Fearcraft Addon for Bedrock [Inspired by Java]

Announcement including compromise about Credit confusion:

Let's first say sorry for not updating this page info in a very long time! It caused quite some confusion, unfortunately! I have a really hard time keeping track of the information, and sometimes I forget who's involved with it!

The Fearcraft Addon is strongly inspired by Java and uses some creations from developers from the Java platform! Because of the way I handle stress, I completely forgot about giving them credit for their hard and original work! I'm still not very familiar with all Java developers involved! I haven't played Java that much yet, lol! I respect the original creators of the entities and I don't have any bad intentions at all! I just liked to make something nice and familiar for Bedrock! Bedrock doesn't really have a big addon community yet! I only code the entities Bedrock AI! Some of my friends made Bedrock versions of the entities! Our Bedrock versions work different from Java! But we should at least have asked for permission! I'm sorry for that!

I'm really thankful to "everyone" who's involved with both the original Java mods and bedrock version of those mods! I will give credit to those I'm familiar with being involved in this!

If something isn't correct, feel free to ask me about it! I do my best to make this as fair as possible!

I prefer things to be positive and legit!

Here are the Credits:

Fearcraft for Bedrock is highly inspired by the Java originals:

  • Thanks to Swayle, Flame, Pixelcoder and all other great Java developers that made those amazing dwellers!
  • Thanks to Dinoking2021 for starting the Fearcraft addon and making the first legacy entitie models himself!
  • Thanks to Lucasgh for making the Weeping Angels models used in this addon!
  • Thanks to OldArcadeFun for making the Bedrock version of the Night Dweller!
  • Thanks to Mr Puff, Jack Dixon and Mopeygadog for creating the Bedrock versions of the models, textures, animations and sounds inspired by the Java originals!
  • Thanks to cpzlvslpz for the extra ambient sounds in the addon!
  • At last me (DolphinMasterMB) made the Bedrock version code for those cool monsters! But with a bit of a twist to make them interesting for Bedrock players!

The Fearcraft Addon for Bedrock in short:

Fearcraft is an addon adding some interesting horrors to Minecraft Bedrock! Most of those horrors are inspired by popular Java mods! Fearcraft Aims for an interesting and quite familiar horror experience on the Bedrock platform of Minecraft!

This addon is in public beta and will update very quickly fixing bugs and adding interesting new stuff! Fearcraft is a community driven project and most of the stuff happening is based on user requests and fun experiments! Making Minecraft addons is our hobby not our work lol! We prefer to have fun with our project and don't cause any trouble! We just like to make people scared of Minecraft lol! Just for fun!

I recommend playing this addon blindly and let it take you by surprise for the best experience possible! There are some examples and tutorials on this page for if you're scared of the unknown!

Please keep in mind this addon updates "almost" daily! Fixing bugs doing improvements and adding interesting surprises!

Here are some tips for the addon gameplay:

The cursed night is one of the trials of this addon! The intention is to make survival both challenging and a bit scary! You could bypass this event by removing the "dream" or "dark" tag from any player using commands! You could also try: "/tag @a add coffee" to prevent the event from happening at all!

You will need to use: "/tag @a add bypass" and "/tag @a add egg" to unlock the spawn eggs and bypass the rules and conditions for spawning monsters! You can also look up while holding a Nether star!

You can hold a Nether star, Then talk to the invisible NPC that follows you! There you can toggle all monsters on or off etc.!

Some install and update tips:

Make sure to delete all older versions of the addon first! Then redownload and reinstall the addon after! Don't leave any older versions behind! Check both your Minecraft storage cache and older worlds resources and behaviors for older versions to delete, before attempting a new installation! Also, always toggle all experiments on in your world for the addon to function correctly! Happy playing! Cheers! ; )

Some example videos:

New Videos:

Legacy Stuff:

Updated on March 16

  • I added the Dropbox link back! Let's hope it works! For my friend it did, lol!

Please remember that this addon is still in active development! It's a privilege to try it early, but please be aware there might still be bugs! Please don't be upset and report those bugs to me! We will do our best to make something nice!

Download links
FearCraft Addon {Public Beta} [Mediafire]
FearCraft Addon {Public Beta} [Dropbox]
Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
286 271
  1. Дельфин Мастер когда будет обновление Fearcraft хочется увидеть нового Монстра 🥺😔😎👍
  2.  profile avatarlucresiotano profile avatar lucresiotano
    hi, I think we should have a method to defeat the giant Lurker. It is impossible to fight against and the only way to stop him is dying.
  3.  profile avatarLuigiNoob profile avatar LuigiNoob
    This is a amazing and scary addon. I would like to tell you a few problems I have noticed.
    1. I feel that the spawn rates for the different creatures is too high. i found a deep cave at first i saw the cave dweller almost right after i went in the cave, and then moments later, i am being jumped by the cave dweller, creation, and origin all at once.
    2. While on the subject of dwellers, some of the creatures NEVER dissapear. usually they dissapear either when they kill you, or when the time runs out and they despawn on their own.
    3. I tried to escape creation by jumping in a river, then creation started swimming at LIGHTNING speed. i would check the other dwellers for this issue as well.
    (more in a second comment.)
    1.  profile avatarLuigiNoob profile avatar LuigiNoob
      4. I hear the goatman’s sound effects all the time, but i have never seen the goatman. either he never spawns, or the entity just does not work.
      5. Whenever you try to kill a cow, it spawn the Wendigo. while this is a nice idea, cows are a vital source of food and leather which can be used for multiple things. The Wendigo should just be able to naturally spawn like the other creatures.
      These are just a few issues i noticed with the addon, as well as some ways i think you can improve on it other than that this is a really scary addon, and a lot of fun. this list is just how i think you can make the scare effect even better.
      1.  profile avatarhoanghong08 profile avatar hoanghong08
        You are right. I also found it had an error with the cave dweller's sound. I think the creator should reduce their appearance rate. Sometimes, too much is not good (I used Google Translate to translate this article from Vietnamese to English, so the grammar and vocabulary will not be 100% correct)
      2.  profile avatarhoanghong08 profile avatar hoanghong08
        I'm also trying to separate night dweller, one who watch and cave dweller into a separate addon but it keeps crashing.
  4. No avatar image Philippine
    What is a cheat mune 2 suppose to do
  5. How to separate the night dweller addon into a separate addon?
  6. Can you pls make the iron golem attack the dwellers
    1. The dwellers should actually already attack iron golems in the latest update! Cheers! ; )
      1.  profile avatarsemenyakoena26 profile avatar semenyakoena26
        Nop they still dont attack each other
  7.  profile avatarenxvircy profile avatar enxvircy
    are the monsters not gonna despawn until they killed you? i was playing earlier and i died to the one who watches hallucination it was hitting me until my shield broke
    1.  profile avatarenxvircy profile avatar enxvircy
      also is there any way to encounter the one who watches hallucination? cause I can't seem to hit it and it won't despawn im so confused
      1. The one who watches hallucination shouldn't be able to attack/hit you though! He triggers a Jumpscare upon reaching you and despawns! If hes hitting you and stuff, there might be some issues in how you set up the addons in your world! Cheers! ; )
  8. Làm sao để tách Night dweller,One who watch, Cavenoise ra làm a addon riêng vậy? Tôi chỉ cần 3 mod đó thôi, hãy vui lòng chỉ tôi🥹
  9.  profile avatarXdarkggX profile avatar XdarkggX
  10. Why doesnt the iron golem attack the dwellers?
    1. Azenski profile avatar Azenski
      It’s just how the addon is coded
    2. They do attack them in the latest update though! Cheers! ; )
  11. dolphin master pls help i wanna make a video but the dwellers are spawning so late and its not fun pls help dolphin master
    1. You will need to use: "/tag @a add bypass" and "/tag @a add egg" and "/tag @a add direct" to unlock the spawneggs and bypass the rules and conditions for spawning monsters! You can also look up while holding a Nether star! Cheers!👀👻🤔😎🤩👌🤗😊😆👍😉
  12. bitcode profile avatar bitcode
    really good mod that is multiplayer compatible with more complex behaviors!
    btw the nightmare dweller is bugged making him so laughable. :)
  13. Thank u Mr DolphinMasterMb Bucuz Im really like this mod becuz i like horror mods and thank u very much dolphinmaster u make me happy in this mod and im always waiting ur update thank u and I love u♥️♥️♥️
  14. Uma pergunta pq o goatman não aparece?
  15. No avatar image Ltk
    Hello can you please add the new wendigo, man from the fog, man.jar, easter dweller, yeti, dweller king thank you
    1. No avatar image Ltk
      Also make dwellers more aggressive and if you can make the night more darker so the dwellers eyes glow better just sharing good ideas cheers
      1. Thanks for the suggestions! We do our best to make interesting stuff happen in the addon! Cheers! ; )