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Mhafy's Ship [Build Your Own] [v0.20.3 Patch Update]

Thumbnail: Mhafy's Ship [Build Your Own] [v0.20.3 Patch Update]

Do you want to build your own ship? Do you want to ride your ship and set sail? Imagine building your own ship and sailing it across the great ocean of Minecraft.

Mhafy's Ship [Build Your Own] is an addon that grants the player an ability to make their own ship move. The custom ship will be powered by the ships wheel, which will make the whole build act as one and be able to move and sail across the sea.



Ships Wheel

Model of Ships Wheel

  • This item can be placed.
  • Act as the core of the ship.
  • This will make the ship comes to life and will be able to move and control.

Craft Recipes for Ships Wheel


Wheel Item

  • Material item.
  • Used to craft the ship wheel.

Craft Recipes for Wheel

Floating Point

Model of Floating Point

  • This item can be placed.
  • This will be only placed in any location below the ship's wheel. Otherwise, this won't work.
  • This will control how deep the ship will submerge.

Craft Recipe for Floating Point




Acacia Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Acacia Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Bamboo Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Bamboo Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)

Bamboo Mosaic

Bamboo Mosaic Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Bamboo Mosaic Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Birch Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Birch Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Cherry Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Cherry Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Crimson Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Crimson Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)

Dark Oak

Dark Oak Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Dark Oak Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Jungle Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Jungle Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Mangrove Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Mangrove Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Oak Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Oak Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Spruce Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Spruce Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Warped Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Warped Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)



Craft Recipes for Cushions

How it Works?

First, build your ship. The ship must contain only valid blocks on the list below.

  • Blocks must be connected (Otherwise the block will be skipped)
  • Ship must contain more than 5 blocks and not over 1024 blocks.
  • Place your ship wheel anywhere in the ship. It is up to you.
  • Tapping or right-clicking the ship wheel will start the process and all connected blocks will act as one. Then the player will automatically mount the ship facing the wheel.
  • All unconnected blocks will be skipped and left hanging.
  • Sneak of jump to unmount the ship
  • When unmounting the ship will automatically rotate according to its nearest angle of facing (north, east, south or west)
  • Adding floating point will control how deep the boat will submerge.
  • You may add multiple floating points, but at least one must be somewhere below the ship wheel.

Changelog Videos

Watch to see the changes:

Required Experiments

Don't forget to turn these on:

Required Experimental Options


  • Floating point isn't necessary without floating point the lowest block of the ship will become the floating point
  • When activating the ship and only the ship wheel is visible unmount the ship (press shift) then try activating again (If issue not solve please report).
  • When you see some blocking hanging after activating the ship don't worry It's just the render of the block, it will be gone in second.

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Updated on September 16

Mhafy's Ship 0.20.3 - Changelog

  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed multiplayer error when activating ship
  • Reduced lag when activating ship
  • Improved blocks rendering
  1. Mhafy1016
    The new update is compatible with multiplayer!!
    1. Dalloothecool
      Very epic
  2. berimaspajong
    Minecraft 1.20 bisa ga bang
  3. berimaspajong
    Mau download ngga ada link😔
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    It's not working anymore pls fix😭😭
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    bro, ur discord link expired pls fix it
  7. Zawarka
    А что делать если мод добовляет всё предметы но они не работают
  8. karajime6
    For some reason, ship doesn’t work for me? Do you know how to fix it?
    1. HarryFootmin
      i think 1.20.10 broke it
  9. boomdogzgamer25
    Is The Floating Point Fixed Yet?
    1. Mhafy1016
      Yes floating point is now working as intended
  10. Your addons so far have been extremely good so far,
    I just have one suggestion
    Can you make it so the Wheels also allow you to
    I'm sorry if it's too hard
    1. Mhafy1016
      I'm glad that you like my addon
      Flying ship was always been my plan since the beginning but for now I want to add more valid blocks as much as possible.
      I will be adding fly/float function in version 1.0.0
  11. ZallTheChair
    This is so cool
  12. Please Make Chests, Beds, And Barrels Work On The Boat. And The Floating point Doesn't Work. It Even Make you not Able To Make The Whole Boat.
    1. Mhafy1016
      Guess there is still lot to fix
      Don't worry I got many plans for this addon, so stay updated 🙏