Mhafy's Ship: Naval Warfare [v0.45.0 Hotfix for Bedrock 1.20.7x]

Thumbnail: Mhafy's Ship: Naval Warfare [v0.45.0 Hotfix for Bedrock 1.20.7x]

Welcome to Mhafy's Ship: Naval Warfare โ€“ where exciting updates and enhancements await you on the high seas! ๐ŸŒŠ Let's dive into the latest features that make this version a must-play

โš“ Update Highlights:

  • Seamless Integration:
    No more tedious rescanning required when adding blocks; simply place and sail away!
  • Customizable Speed:
    Introducing new options in global settings to fine-tune speed settings both on land and water.
  • Empowered Cannon Balls:
    Increased stack size from 4 to 8 and introduced additional damage scaling based on game difficulty.
  • Expanded Block Selection:
    Introducing a wider array of valid blocks to enhance ship-building creativity.
  • Refinements and Fixes:
    Addressed bugs and implemented various minor enhancements for smoother gameplay.


Welcome, fellow Minecraft enthusiasts! Today, I am thrilled to present to you an innovative addon that will revolutionize your gaming experience: Mhafy's Ship Addon. Have you ever dreamed of seeing your intricate ship builds come to life, sailing across the vast oceans of Minecraft? Well, dream no more! This addon grants you the incredible ability to transform your crafted vessels into functional, navigable ships within the game.

Key Features:

  1. Ship Transformation: With Mhafy's Ship Addon, any ship you build in Minecraft can be magically transformed into a real, fully functional vessel. Just imagine the thrill of witnessing your meticulously designed ships actually sailing the Minecraft seas!
  2. Customization Options: Whether it's a mighty galleon, a sleek sloop, or a futuristic vessel, the addon allows for various ship designs and sizes. Customize your ship to match your imagination and bring your nautical dreams to life.
  3. Realistic Sailing Mechanics: Experience the thrill of navigating your ship across Minecraft's waters. Encounter waves, control the sails, and steer your vessel using intuitive controls, creating an immersive and realistic seafaring adventure.
  4. Multiplayer Compatibility: Sail your ships alongside friends in multiplayer mode, exploring the vast oceans together, engaging in naval battles, or embarking on epic journeys as a crew.
  5. Exploration and Adventure: Discover hidden treasures, uncharted islands, and mysterious landmarks scattered across the expansive Minecraft seas. Set sail to explore the unknown and unravel the secrets that await you.


Mhafy's Ship Demonstration



  • This item can be placed.
  • Act as the core of the ship.
  • This will make the ship comes to life and will be able to move and control.

Helm Recipe



  • Material item.
  • Used to craft the ship wheel.

Wheel Recipes



  • This item can be placed.
  • This will be only placed in any location below the ship's wheel. Otherwise, this won't work.
  • This will control how deep the ship will submerge.

Bouy Recipes



  • This item can be placed.
  • Rideable (Right-click or tap to ride)
  • Shoot cannon ball (Press jump button to fire) (Consumes cannon ball)
  • Crafted using Crafting table.

Cannon Recipe

Cannon Barrel

Cannon Barrel

  • Material item.
  • Used to craft the cannon.
  • Crafted using Crafting table

Cannon Barrel Recipe

Cannon Ball

Cannon Ball

  • Ammunition.
  • Used to fire the cannon.
  • Crafted in stone cutter.

Cannon Ball Recipe




Acacia Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Acacia Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Bamboo Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Bamboo Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)

Bamboo Mosaic

Bamboo Mosaic Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Bamboo Mosaic Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Birch Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Birch Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Cherry Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Cherry Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Crimson Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Crimson Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)

Dark Oak

Dark Oak Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Dark Oak Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Jungle Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Jungle Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Mangrove Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Mangrove Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Oak Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Oak Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Spruce Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Spruce Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)


Warped Stool and Recipe (Variant 1)

Warped Stool and Recipe (Variant 2)



Craft Recipes for Cushions


Control Center (Main Menu)

Control Center

Shows basic info of the ship. Includes:

  • Ship's name - Display the ships name.
  • Integrity - Shows how complete the ship is.
  • Facing - Shows where the wheel is facing and angle.
  • Blocks - Displays total blocks / max limit.
  • Status - Displays the current status of the ship.


  • Configure
  • Compile

Configure Menu

Configure Menu


  • Settings
  • Scan
  • Valid blocks

Settings Menu

Configure Settings Menu

Menu where you can edit the ship name and adjust the block limit.
Current block limit: ~2048

Valid Blocks

Configure Valid Blocks Menu

Menu that displays a list of all valid blocks.
You can toggle them on/off to add or remove from the list.

Camera Settings

Configure Camera Menu

Menu where you can activate the third-person camera of the ship and adjust the distance how far the camera will be.

How It Works:

  1. Building Your Ship: Construct your desired ship using Minecraft's building mechanics, allowing your creativity to flourish as you design and craft your masterpiece.
  2. Placing the wheel: After you're satisfied with your build it is now time to place the wheel, it will do an auto-scan to detect any connected blocks in your build.
  3. Activation: After the wheel finishes scanning simply right-click / tap the wheel to open the main menu then click the "Compile" button to begin transformation.
  4. Setting Sail: Once transformed, take command of your ship, hoist the sails, and navigate the waters, making your maritime fantasies a reality.

Changelog Videos

Watch to see the changes:

Mhafy's Ship (0.12.0)

Mhafy's Ship (0.17.0)

Mhafy's Ship (0.20.0)

Mhafy's Ship (0.30.0)

Mhafy's Ship: Naval Warfare (0.40.0)

Mhafy's Ship: Naval Warfare (0.45.0)

Required Experiments

Don't forget to turn these on:

Required Experiments for Mhafy's Ship Addon


This Minecraft Bedrock addon is currently in beta phase. While every effort has been made to ensure its functionality and stability, please be aware that there may still be bugs or issues present within the addon.

Special Thanks for WardMarion for the beautiful Helm design โœจ

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Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜„

Updated on March 31

Mhafy's Ship: Naval Warfare v0.45.0 - Changelog

Improvements & Fixes:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Fixed Camera
  • Fixed cannon gets reset after deactivating ship.
  • Fixed slabs and added back to valid blocks
  • Version added to the pack name
  • No need to rescan
    • After the helm finishes scanning, the player can add or remove blocks without needing to rescan.
  • Remote control icon
    • The cannon will now display a remote control icon when the player holds the remote control used to operate the cannon.

Cannon Balls:

  • Increased cannon ball stack size 4 => 8
  • Increased cannon ball damage varies in difficulty

New Items:

  • Cannon Remote

Furnace Engine:

  • A block that increases speed of the ship when placed.
  • Needs fuel (coal or charcoal). Can charge up to 8 times. 1 charge can last up to 80 seconds.

Valid Blocks:

  • Furnace Engine
  • Armor Stand
  • Anvil
  • Stonecutter
  • Candles (any color)
  • Grind Stone
  • Enchantment Table
  • Lectern
  • Cauldron
  • Composter
  • Shulker Box
  • Chain
  • End Rod
v0.40.2 / February 09 / Old Update

Mhafy's Ship: Naval Warfare v0.40.2 - Changelog

  • Minor bug fixes
  • API updated to work for Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.6x
v0.40.1 / January 25 / Old Update

Mhafy's Ship: Naval Warfare v0.40.1 - Changelog

  • Fixed blocks disappearing when deactivating a ship equipped with Stools/cushions.
  • Fixed blocks disappearing when deactivating a ship with Cannon.
v0.40.0 / January 18 / Old Update

Mhafy's Ship: Naval Warfare v0.40.0 - Changelog

  • Added Helm
  • Added Buoy
  • Added Cannon
  • Added Hay to the list of supported blocks
  • Added Carpet to the list of supported blocks
  • Added Brewing stand to the list of supported blocks
  • Fixed a bug where all ship blocks were merging into a single location.
v0.30.6 / December 17 / Old Update
  • Fixed API to work for Minecraft 1.20.5x
v0.30.5 / November 15 / Old Update

Mhafy's Ship v0.30.5 Changelog

  • Fixed missing items on chests/barrels
v0.30.4 / November 04 / Old Update

Mhafy's Ship 0.30.4 - Changelog

  • Fixed block destroying when ship is deactivated
  • Fixed missing recipes
v0.30.0 / October 28 / Old Update

Mhafy's Ship 0.30.0 - Changelog

  • Fixed ships invisible to other players.
  • Fixed ships disappearing when player re-enter the world.
  • Fixed ship disappearing when the rider disconnects from the server.
  • Fixed blocks disappearing when ship is deactivated.
  • Fixed upper slabs
  • Fixed stained glass blocks
  • Fixed stools duplicate bug
  • Fixed cushions duplicate bug
  • Added GUI
  • Added Camera zoom-out function for larger ships
  • Glowing blocks now glow on activated ship
  • Increased blocks limit to ~2048
  • Added stairs
  • Added bed (only red)
  • Added lantern
  • Added soul lantern
  • Added torch
v0.20.4 / September 26 / Old Update

Mhafy's Ship v0.20.4 - Changelog

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Compatible with Bedrock 1.20.30
0.20.3 / September 16 / Old Update

Mhafy's Ship 0.20.3 - Changelog

  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed multiplayer error when activating ship
  • Reduced lag when activating ship
  • Improved blocks rendering
v0.20.0 / September 04 / Old Update

Mhafy's Ship 0.20.0 - Changelog

  • Fixed crashing on load
  • Fixed blocks missing when ship is deactivated
  • Increased maximum block cap: 512 => 1024
  • Added Doors (any type)
  • Added Fence Gates (any type)
  • Added Trapdoors (any type)
v0.17.0 / July 11 / Old Update

Mhafy's Ship 0.17.0 - Changelog

  • Fixed missing recipes
  • Fixed ship disappearing when activated
  • Increase speed on land and water
  • Fixed blocks missing when ship is deactivated:
    • Slabs
    • Fences
    • Ladder
    • Seats
    • Stools
    • Cushions
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Bstlar - Naval Warfare [v0.45.0] Resource Pack
Bstlar - Naval Warfare [v0.45.0] Behavior Pack
Linkvertise - Naval Warfare [v0.45.0] Resource Pack
Linkvertise - Naval Warfare [v0.45.0] Behavior Pack
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  1. Where's the furnace engine I can't find it
    1. I had to get it with commands
      1.  profile avatarMhafy1016 profile avatar Mhafy1016
        It should be under the items tab along the the cannon and helm
        1. I looked it's not I had to use commands and airships please
        2. And also your mod destroyed one of my ships I had it on an older version and it worked I do the newer version it destroyed a thousand blocks not really a thousand but it practically got rid of the whole ship
  2. Airships plz :3
  3. have you considered making airships? if you could, I would be awesome!
  4. ZZoWoSS profile avatar ZZoWoSS
    I really liked the mod. There is one question. How to sail on a ship with friends in a multiplayer game? And how to remove the occurrence of water in the hold?
  5. how can i download the mod?
  6. Doesn't work in the last realms version (1.20.60). The Helm is not responding.
    1. I already upload the update ๐Ÿ‘
      It's already on my discord
  7. No avatar image Sna1l
    I downloaded the 0.40.1 update but when I imported it into Minecraft it was still 0.40.0
    1.  profile avatarMhafy1016 profile avatar Mhafy1016
      Are you using realms?
  8. how to download this mod
  9. Thank you thank you thank you ๐Ÿ™
  10. one of the best mods ever. you think adding iron blocks, iron bars, glass panes, etc.. to the block list? and also when paired with another addon that adds entities, lanterns and beds do not work for some reason. there may be more blocks but i have not seen them yet. this was not the case before the new update and minecraft 1.20.50.x Other than this, keep up the good work!
    1.  profile avatarMhafy1016 profile avatar Mhafy1016
      thank you very much!
      I'm glad you liked the addon. I add more more blocks in the future. as for the issue, I'll try and look into it.
  11. Do banners work?
    1.  profile avatarMhafy1016 profile avatar Mhafy1016
      Unfortunately bedrock won't give me the data property of the banner block. so there won't be banners for now
  12. When I first saw this, I couldnโ€™t believe my eyes. This is one of my top 5 addons ever. I love this addon. However, I think adding cannon seats would be really cool because then you could do naval battles. Iโ€™m thinking it could be like a chair except it doesnโ€™t look like a chair and you can right click to fire a projectile that breaks blocks on other playersโ€™ ships. Could you do this? Or is it to complicated?
    1.  profile avatarMhafy1016 profile avatar Mhafy1016
      Thank you!
      I'll add cannons in the next update, Naval warfare coming soon
      1. Thx!
  13. I absolutely love this mod! I only wish, if it's possible, to one day to have the ability for a pet to ride with you, like a parrot, or your friendly good boy! A pet seat would be awesome. I have this addon in my realm and it's working great! Our port is now full of player-made ships!

    The biggest issue I've found is that chest inventories sometimes disappear, haven't fully been able to reproduce it in a consistent way, but it's something we've noted. been sticking to ender chests as an alternative for now, which is working.
    1. Thankyou for the response!
      I'll try fixing it as soon as possible
    2.  profile avatarMhafy1016 profile avatar Mhafy1016
      There's a stool and cushions for your companions
      if you want to bring them with you
  14. Trikator profile avatar Trikator
    A verry very big thanks ! The best boat stuff ever !
  15. Best Addon so far!
    Keep it up!