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Thumbnail: More Simple Structures v4.7.5

More Simple Structures v4.7.5

More Simple Structures Addon adds new naturally spawning structures to your Minecraft world for you to seek out or run into! New structures will be added in future updates to the addon!

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Thumbnail: The Rolling Giant

The Rolling Giant

A recreation of the The Rolling Giant made by Danila_PodPivas. This addon contains a talking entity that will roll around until seen and attack you.

Thumbnail: Vltxs Better Birch Biome

Vltxs Better Birch Biome

This add-on enhances the appearance of the birch biome by adding variant shapes and heights of trees, as well as increasing the density of grass.

Thumbnail: Stat Boosting Map

Stat Boosting Map

Dominate leaderboards with this stat-boosting map! Skip the grind & focus on what matters: Blocks Broken, Distance Traveled, and Monsters Killed.

Thumbnail: TNT War Map for [1.20.60-1.20.71]

TNT War Map for [1.20.60-1.20.71]

A room in which there are holes and dangers, and the players have a TNT GUN. With this weapon, they can hit each other with it. The weapon releases TNT. Two players only can play in this map.

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Thumbnail: The Katana Addon!

The Katana Addon!

The Katana addon adds a new weapon to the game: The Katana. Katana's are meant to be a true alternative to the sword (because let's face it: no one actually uses tridents or axes in place of a

Thumbnail: Azalea Lite

Azalea Lite

Azalea lite is a simplified version of my other mod, Azalea Essentials. It has less clutter and less lag if you have experienced any lag problems with the main version of Azalea.


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