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Thumbnail: Hog's Enchants

Hog's Enchants

Hog's enchants adds 22 new enchantments to the game with a vanilla feel.

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Thumbnail: Difficulty: Insane Demon Update

Difficulty: Insane Demon Update

I'm sure you ever thought that minecraft even on hard difficulty is an easy game, well this addon changes that, now minecraft will be much more complicated!

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Thumbnail: Frog Bowls! (1.20.50+)

Frog Bowls! (1.20.50+)

Do you want a better way to move your frogs around? Right now the best method to moving them around is leads. And they are just soo boring and soo laggy. I have a better option for you, Frog Bowls!

Old Steve Addons
Old Steve Addons
Thumbnail: Old Talismans

Old Talismans

This addon includes 12 powerful talismans that will give the player unique abilities... It is based on the talismans from the television series 'The Adventures of Jackie Chan'

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Thumbnail: Rustic Decorations 1.20.50

Rustic Decorations 1.20.50

This addon is a derivative of Rustic Agriculture, many players have wanted to have the decoration section separately, this allows many more things to be added to each section.

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Thumbnail: Explosive Blocks 1.20.50

Explosive Blocks 1.20.50

This Addon was created in order to be able to troll your friends. Camouflage the trap and have fun with your friends!

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Mods can expand the possibilities of Minecraft. A more accurate name for them is addons. They are a small set of files that modify or add something new to the game. For example, new items, blocks, or mobs can be added. And some addons can completely change the gameplay.

What can mods and addons do?

Mods allow you to expand the capabilities of the gameplay by adding new blocks, mobs, weapons, and much more. They give players complete creative freedom, opening up new possibilities through the installation of existing addons or the creation of their own projects.

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