Poggy's Better on Bedrock: Nether Arise v1. || Bug Fix Update!

Thumbnail: Poggy's Better on Bedrock: Nether Arise v1. || Bug Fix Update!

Better on Bedrock is a Minecraft Bedrock Add-On that aims to improve the overall gameplay of the base vanilla game. It aims to improve a lot of aspects by improving and adding new bosses, blocks, items, mobs, structures, biomes and systems.

Before we get into the beef, Better on Bedrock has its own soundtrack composed by J. Rivers. These tracks are 'Dawn Prelude', 'Cozy Palms' and' 'Travels'!

There's also a trailer!


  • Requires all experimental features toggles:

Required Experiments for the Better on Bedrock Addon

  • Install Guide:

Updated on October 19

Bug Fix Update:

  • Fixed an issue that caused Jungle biomes to have no trees
  • Fixed an issue that caused tools to not break or loose durability
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Willager Clone to not disappear once hit
  • Fixed an issue where the Nether Waystone and Nether Nylium were buggy
  • Fixed an issue that caused Deers to have incorrect stats
  • Fixed an issue where Amethyst Armor had no armor points

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  1. Este addon é tão incrível que ele merecia um livro de Quest/missão pois tem hora que eu fico sem saber oq fazer
  2.  profile avatarSabiour profile avatar Sabiour
    I’m having some difficulty getting this addon downloaded on iOS
  3. I love the mod but can you remove the ui changes couse i cant use my texture pack couse of this mod
  4. This mod quest is broken
  5.  profile avatarhhh394064 profile avatar hhh394064
    this is amazing
  6. Is this working on 1.19.51?
  7. No avatar image Marius22
    I accidentally put the backpack in the backpack and it disappeared 😭💀💀
  8. Dune profile avatar Dune
    Wow I have been looking for an addon like this.
  9.  profile avatarYeSMan20 profile avatar YeSMan20
    this looks like a very high quality addon