The Haunted by Herobrine Addon [Halloween Update 3]

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Recommended for Halloween! ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘€๐ŸŽƒ

Do you like to live the nostalgia of Herobrine haunting your Minecraft world? This fully automated Herobrine Experience can make it happen! Herobrine actually joins and leaves your world himself!

The Halloween Update 3 has Arrived:

  • Added Massive improvements to the Shrine and its mechanics!
  • Added the flare entity: A small ghost living on the Shrine upon ignition! It haunts the Shrine environment and worships Herobrine! Herobrine will claim your world and visit the shrine often! The flare also have technical benefits as It keeps the game haunted and help control the system!
  • Added different mysteries creepy stalkers that watch you from behind and vanishes upon being looked at! Those stalkers don't enjoy you mocking them! Just like Herobrine!
  • Added a few elite cursed mobs to Herobrine's arsenal! Some old legends have returned but on Herobrine's side this time! Now some sounds do make sense again!
  • Full changelog HERE!

Herobrine is Watching You!

Cat in the Fog

New Beta Updated in Real Time:

Now you can either choose the normal release or the beta!

The beta updates in real time! Those updates won't be announced! But it's a super quick and way more convenient way of fixing bugs, making improvements, and testing new features publicly! This new method makes life much easier for me! I hope this will improve the development by miles!

New Videos and Addon Tour:

Important Message (From the Fog inspired Me):

I just watched some videos about the super popular Minecraft Java mod "From the Fog" and happened to get inspired! The Form of the Fog mod is more about stalking, mind tricks and losing sanity! I would like to inform that I would like to have a From the Fog experience, but on Minecraft Bedrock Edition! So in this update I changed the addon formula completely to match From the Fog! It's quite slow paced, but a frick lot more scary than the Minecraft Ohio stuff I had going on, lol! Please keep in mind some Function commands won't work! I strongly recommend you play the addon by default! Just be patient and you will lose sanity eventually! Are you in for a scare? Please leave your opinion and maybe some suggestions in the comments! So, I could improve the Addon!

Dog in the Fog

Developer Note:

If you can't find Herobrine, please don't worry! If you installed the addon correctly, He might be watching! If your game seems to get a little eerie and your sanity takes a dip, you know it works! It could take between 10 seconds or an hour for him to show up! Everything is completely random! If you feel a bit impatient and really want to witness the paranormal stuff early, you could try "/function spawn1, spawn2, spawn3 or spawn4" to increase the rate of paranormal stuff happening to your preferences! But I do recommend not using those for a more interesting and scary experience! I'm aware Predictability weakens the Experience! I'm actively working on getting rid of any predictability in the upcoming updates! The haunting will get worse day by day! Please be aware that HE is still able to predict you though! Please also keep in mind this Herobrine entity is a ghost not a god! Please don't expect a boss fight in this addon! For a cool boss fight, please refer to The Herobrine MiniGame Experience Addon! Both my Herobrine addons are completely different! Play to your taste! Enjoy the Creepyness of this one! He is Watching!


I massively improved on the new From the Fog formula! I made Herobrine pretty rare to make the game feel way more creepy and ominous! Making it more unpredictable to add the immersion of a real stalking ghost! He plays mind tricks on you now! I added many interesting and scary secrets!

Please note: Herobrine is way more rare now! It might take some time before paranormal stuff happens! Please don't be upset and think the addon is broken! HE will surprise you eventually and YOU will shit your pants! Good luck with your Minecraft survival!

Experimental Music Ambience:

There now is some ambient music by cpzlvslpz! You could toggle it on and off by adjusting the music slider in the Minecraft settings!

[New] You Could Summon Herobrine with a Shrine:

Although Herobrine can join and leave your Minecraft world by himself at random, you are now able to make him haunt your world permanently by building a shrine for him! You will need 8 gold blocks, 1 mossy cobblestone block, 1 netherrack block and one head item! You can watch a video of me and a friend building one as an example down below! Then approach the shrine and drop the head item on the netherrack block! A burst of lightning appears and might light the shrine! Now Herobrine will haunt your Minecraft world permanently! Side note: There is a super small chance another one of the entities spawn as well!

Mysterious Entity and a Herobrine Shrine

The OG Herobrine Experience Mode:

If you don't like the extra features like the visage effect and various crazy events: You could now disable them and life the OG experience of Herobrine just stalking you and being a real trickster by using this simple chat command: "/tag @a add og" This was recommended by many players! Please leave your opinion, if it improves the addon on your personal preference or not!

Herobrine in the Fog

Mysterious Entities:

Some Mysterious Entities have appeared in your Minecraft World!

Mysterious Entity in the Fog

Experience Fog Like the Old Minecraft Alpha Days:

By installing this addon, you will also get a third pack now "The Stalker in the Fog"! Using this pack is completely optional! It adds a foggy ambiance to your Minecraft world just like in Minecraft alpha, where Herobrine got discovered first time! This effect makes the game even more spooky and the entities more ominous! I recommend using this pack as global resources to prevent an odd invisible chicken bug! But you could also add it to your world resources for people to join! As long as you place the actual Herobrine resources on top!

Herobrine Watching at You from the Fog


You could change the entity's appearance with a simple cheat:

  • /event entity @e[type=test:herobrine] v1 = Herobrine
  • /event entity @e[type=test:herobrine] v2 = Null
  • /event entity @e[type=test:herobrine] v3 = Entity 303

Stay tuned, as I will reveal more cool little cheats like this in future videos and updates! There is way more to this addon than you might know lol!

Now Including Jumpscares:

Don't stare directly at the bugs (entities/ghosts) to prevent injuries!

Jumpscare Screenshot 1

Jumpscare Screenshot 2

Immerse yourself in the creepy atmosphere! Ambience, weird events, some jump scares and a lot of randomness!

  • The Herobrine AI acts as a Minecraft player!
  • He randomly joins and leaves your world! (also nice to scare your friends)
  • This Herobrine is less aggressive, but he randomly stalks you and gives you the chills!
  • This Herobrine is actually different from seen in other addons!
  • This one actually taunts the player and surprises them with unpredictable randomness! He's also a great actor!
  • He can even predict you sometimes!
  • This Herobrine actually has a personality! Are you in for a scare!

Some technical stuff for adjusting the experience!

Although this addon is completely automated and completely independent, you might want to know a few tricks to customize your experience:

Good to know: The default time Herobrine spawns is between 10 seconds and 50 minutes! You could use function commands to make him spawn faster or even instant!

Something is Watching at You from the Dark!


Thanks to SmithyMC for making a brilliant showcase of the addon! Follow him on YouTube for very nice addon showcases: youtube.com/@SmithyMC

Thanks to cpzlvslpz for the custom ambience sounds!

Visit my YouTube channel (DolphinMasterMB) for convenient tutorials about my content and many previews of new features getting announced: youtube.com/@DolphinMasterMB

Updated on November 21

  • I added a new optional beta download
  • I fixed many bugs!
  • I made the Stalker entities more common!
  • I added some new Ambient effects!
  • I gave Herobrine even more abilities!
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Thanks for your patience! Enjoy your scary experience!

Cheers! ; )

Download links
The Haunted by Herobrine Addon {NEW}[zip, 45.48 Mb]
The Haunted by Herobrine Addon {NEW}[mcaddon, 45.48 Mb]
The Haunted by Herobrine Addon {Beta Real Time}
Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80
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  1. E Herobrine poderia ter uma forma ainda nรฃo materializada
  2. Oi Dolphinmastermb vocรช poderia adicionar uma quarta skin a entidade principal que รฉ uma lenda que eu gosto muito que รฉ o lick
  3. Hey, maybe you can change herobrine and sign message into cryptic message, maybe like glitching text or binary language. It will add more mysterious aura since player will get confused and thinking as if those messages are actual error from their minecraft

    (Sorry for my english btw, hope you you get what i mean)
    1. Nice suggestion! I do plan on adding more sign messages including some cryptic ones etc! Cheers! ; )
  4. Iam playing this addon for a long time but there's nothing happening like there are creepy sounds but i can't see any stalker or anything any suggestion.?.....
    Another question when I type the command /tagg @a add og" It says error or no matched target or something like that can you help me with that?
    1. Some tips: Make sure you got the latest version of the addon! Also make sure to add both Behaviors and resources to your Minecraft world! Herobrine and the other entities spawn at random! Some events are super rare others are more common! Things will get creepy eventually if you use the addon correctly! If you really can't wait for the haunting, You could build a shrine for herobrine and ignite it to make the haunt and herobrine persistent! Without a shrine Herobrine joins and leaves the world himself! You could use "/tag @a add og" for a more classic experience! I hope this could help! Cheers! ; )
  5. Secret message:
    The beta version has got some suspicious benefits!
    Are you in for surprises?

  6. I have an suggestion, you should make the shrine like you don't need a player head, and you just need to light it using flint n steel, and also the four redstone torches around the netherrack, so we can summon Herobrine in a survival world.
    1. Great suggestion! I will look what I could do! Although there's actually already a secret method of getting free Shrine resources including a head by staying afk for a few minutes! It's a dev trick! It works in survival too! Cheers! ; )
      1. What is the beta real time in your download link? What does it too
        1. It's a system where I can fix bugs way more quickly! Plus add some surprises and sneak peaks perhaps! That version changes over time improving almost daily! You can get new stuff by reinstalling to the beta version, when new features or improvements/bug fixes come available! The beta is relative to the normal version, but might soon get exclusive benefits! Cheers! ; )
    2. O totem do from the fog รฉ assim !
  7. I don't know how I can get it to work. It says "Zip file isn't valid", and even though I've tried everything, nothing is working.
    1.  profile avatarD profile avatar D
      Do you encounter this on Android, iOS or PC? You can try to install the addon manually by extracting the resource and behavior pack folders from the zip archive
      1. He-yo, I did exactly this. I didn't have "file name extentions" activated but I followed a tutorial and managed to fix it. Thanks a ton!
    2. TheNubbiest0, Did the manual addon install already work for you? Making a pc install guide might get tedious for me! I'm not to familiar with windows yet! I don't even know how to install addons on pc myself yet other than the mcaddon install method! It's really unfortunate!๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰
      1. Hi there! Sorry for the trouble, I managed to fix the issue! Thanks a lot, though!
        1. I'm super happy for you it worked! Enjoy the addon! Don't stare directly at the bugs! Those hurt lol! Cheers!๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. This is so cool.
  9. Welp, it doesn't let me install it because it says the Zip file isnt valid and when I download the zip file it doesnt let me convert it to a .mcaddon
    1.  profile avatarmeowmeow profile avatar meowmeow
      Through file explorer, have you clicked View -> Show -> File Name Extensions?
      Also, what worked for me is decompressing the zip file, opening the file and compressing the three files within into zip files and converting those into .mcaddon
  10.  profile avatarmeowmeow profile avatar meowmeow
    Hi!! I've been having an issue with uploading this addon to my Minecraft world. There's constantly an error whenever I click on it, and I've tried compressing, adjusting, and reworking things in the file but it hasn't worked for me. Is anyone else experiencing this?
    1. An error?! What kind of error? Does it prevent you from using the addon in your world? I actually have never heard of this bug before! Maybe try removing the complete addon and get the new one after! Could you please give some more details what actually happened?
      1.  profile avatarmeowmeow profile avatar meowmeow
        sorry for the late reply! i've been busy
        it tells me it's "not a valid zip file" for some reason, no matter how many times I've redownloaded the file and recompressed it.
        1.  profile avatarmeowmeow profile avatar meowmeow
          actually, good news! i found a solution. rather than the .mcaddon, i downloaded the zip file instead and changed the file from a .zip to a .mcaddon
          edit: i dont think everything works as intended though, but ill keep tinkering and ill update on what happens
          1. Has anything worked? This addon looks really good so I'm interested on seeing if I can play it
  11. Hey!Can i ask something so i really wanna add everything to my minecraft world and as i was reading i didnโ€™t understand much its kinda confusing to me because im new to this mod and all the mods so can you tell how to put everything in my world with jumpscares,scary noise,possessed animals/mobs and herobrine to always hunt me in my server without leaving!
    1. So you are new to using mods/addons? I'm glad you like to try my addon! Have you actually already successfully installed the addon though? You could find any tips or information and instructions in my Youtube videos too! If you haven't got the addon yet, I might still be able to help! Please let me know what you need to know exactly! Cheers! ; )
  12. I have a suggestion to add one entity on this addon is to add the creepypasta called "that thing" idk how he behaves or it's behaviors but it would be pretty terrifying and cool if you add it.
    1. Nice suggestion! Although That Thing is already secretly ingame! It is one of the 26 stalker skins! It's really rare though! I will see what I can do! Cheers! ; )
      1. Wait What I didn't know that! Well thanks for adding him already!
  13. How to prevent a broken The Haunted by Herobrine Addon in time for Halloween!๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™€

    Watch this video on how to prevent a common addon bug that disables the haunt:

    Spoiler alert!!!


    I hope this solves the problems for many! Just in time!

    Happy Halloween!๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘€

  14. Yo amazing mod, but I almost died twice to that creepy laughter and the bloodied steve, how do I toggle them off, I just want only Herobrine stalking me please ๐Ÿ™
    1. Thank you very much! You could have a more classic experience by using both "/tag @a add boo" to disable jumpscares and "/tag @a add og" to disable almost all extra stuff! Making it a oldschool feel! Cheers! ; )
  15. This is an absolutely great addon!! But however could you fix the entity lag, when I load up a world its okay but after some time it entity lag or the game itself lags like a delay, if you can fix it please, thank you!
    1. Unfortunately i get this too. I get server lag with high ping, but i think its just MC's issue.
      1. hmmm ight
      2. I maybe got a tip though: You could turn off the multiplayer feature when playing singlepayer in the world settings! This might get rid of most server and entity lag! Toggling multiplayer down works for me atleast! Although I was playing multiplayer with a friend last time and had no issues whatsoever! It depends I think! Cheers! ; )
        1. I play with my friends and siblings tho.
    2. Thanks! ; ) However entity lag? I got something like that too sometime, but really short!(I'm even using a high end iPad!) More players actually reported this! Maybe the addon gets a little to big or something! Or could it just be Minecraft! I will look if I could solve anything related to this issue! Cheers! ; )
      1. I play with my friends and siblings and I experience a entity lag, since you updated it on oct 25 it started having this kind of lag, I hope you can try to fix it, overall it's still a very nice creepy addon!
        1. Maybe try a lower simulation distance like 4 in your world! Maybe that solves quite a lot! Cheers! ; )