ModBay Rules

First revision — June 30, 2022
Last revision — June 30, 2022

ModBay is a website (portal) dedicated to the game known worldwide as Minecraft (Minecraft: Bedrock Edition).
From time to time, to improve our platform (we add various new features and understand that some rules are outdated and/or additional changes are required), we may update the rules of our website.

For our part, we undertake to edit the date of the last revision of the current Rules, and notify our users about it (via social networks or the News section). We also advise you to occasionally open this page in order to get acquainted with all the rules of our portal and any possible changes.

This document is part of the Terms of Use. Be sure to read these Terms.

1. Basic rules

1.1 When visiting and using the ModBay.Org website, you agree to all the current Rules and Privacy Policy.

1.2 Violation of laws. We’re obliged to observe the laws of the countries in whose jurisdiction we work.

In case of apparent violations, we may immediately delete or edit user materials, including comments and profiles. In case of non-obvious violations (upon request from regulatory authorities), we reserve the full right to perform the actions mentioned above but notify our users about them.

1.3 Spam and advertising. Any spam is forbidden, especially meaningless. Advertising is prohibited as well. Supplementary Explanations provide for exceptions.

1.4 Insults. Any insults are prohibited, including in posted materials, users’ comments and profiles, nicknames, etc.

1.5 Links to malware. It’s strictly prohibited to provide links that require users to download any third-party software (apk, exe). Even if such software isn’t harmful, we can’t guarantee its safety for our users.

2. User regulations

2.1 Fake accounts. We prohibit you from creating fake accounts of famous people and impersonate them.
If ModBay receives a request from official representatives telling that your account is their fake, and you impersonate them, your account will be banned.

2.2 Multi-accounts. In case your main account is banned for persistent violations of the Rules and you try to create a new account, we reserve the right to ban your multi-account.

2.3 Insulting profiles. It’s prohibited to use your profile for direct or hidden insults. It includes:

  • offensive avatar;
  • offensive nickname.

If your account violates our Rules and insults our users, we undertake to ban it.

3. Posting rules

3.1 General information about publications. All posted user materials (including updates) are automatically subject to moderation. If your materials don’t comply with our Rules and/or Privacy Policy, we may use the right to reject them indicating a reason, or delete them (in extreme cases).

In case of rejection, you’ll see an explanatory notification. It’ll help you correct your mistakes and submit the material for re-moderation.

3.2 Attaching external links. We don’t allow you to provide any external links for Files that require users to download third-party software.

In such a case, we can’t ensure the safety of our users. Therefore, we reserve the right to reject such posts until they are corrected.

3.3 Copyright. If you post a port of a mod, map or any other, you must get a permission for that from the author and then attach a screenshot with this permission to your post.

If you violate copyright, and we receive a complaint from official representatives, we’ll have to delete your post immediately.

3.4 Copying materials from our platform. If you copy any material from our Website to any other source, you should leave the link to our platform (ModBay.Org). Additional explanations provide for exceptions.

3.5 Posting Files. If you post an Add-on, Texture Pack, or Map, you must upload the file(s) or attach an external download link(s). If you post an Add-on, Texture Pack, or Map and provide only a link to buy it or a third-party service link (e.g., Patreon), we reserve the right to reject your post.

If you’ve uploaded a file or attached a download link, you can specify a third-party service link (e.g., Patreon).

3.6 Content moderation. Our website administration reserves the right to make changes to moderated materials to improve them.

4. Rules for comments

4.1 Adding comments. Authorized users can post comments. They’re not moderated. When posting a comment, you automatically agree with all the Website Rules and Privacy Policy and leave us the full right, if necessary, to edit and/or delete your comments.

4.2 Editing and deleting comments. Even if your comment doesn’t insult our users or anyone from the side, but we receive a request (most often from Google) to us about the violation, we will delete your comment or edit/correct it.

5. Additional explanations

5.1 Requests from search engines. Sometimes Google or other search engines (or regulatory authorities) may send us requests that indicate violations contained on our website pages. Most often, these are inappropriate words, viral links (in their opinion), or copyright violations.

5.2 Spam and advertising. If you post a File and/or use an external download link to make a profit, your materials aren’t subject to rule 1.3.

5.3 Copying materials from the website. If you’re the author of the post, you have the full right to copy your materials to other websites and platforms. The administration and moderation of our website don’t have the right to claim authorship of your personal materials.

6. Penalties

6.1 Our website administration has the right to impose penalties on users. All decisions are made in accordance with the current rules.

6.2 The removal of penalties is carried out in case of elimination of violations.

6.3 In case of copyright violation, we’ll delete or block your materials until they’re corrected. If that’s not possible, we’ll delete your materials permanently.

In case of malicious violations, the users are warned, or their accounts are banned.

7. Removal of penalties

7.1 Removal of penalties will be carried out in automatic and/or manual mode after the violations are eliminated.

7.2 If you believe your posts, your profile, or comments have been deleted, banned, blocked or edited by mistake, please email us. We’ll provide corrections.