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Do you want a backpack addon that works very similar to the backpack mods from Java? Or do you want to carry alot of things but don't have any more space in your inventory? This addon is just for you!

If you have played any backpack mods from Java, you might be familiar with how this addon will work.



Small Backpack [16 slots]:

Small Backpack (16 slots): Recipe

Medium Backpack [32 slots]:

Medium Backpack (32 slots): Recipe

Big Backpack [42 slots]:

Big Backpack (42 slots): Recipe

Big Backpack [63 slots]:

Do not upgrade existing BIG BACKPACK with items inside, ITEMS WILL NOT CARRY OVER!

Big Backpack (63 slots): Recipe

How to Use:

First, craft the backpack, then hold it on your hand, you will notice a red thing will pop-up next to the icon. Holding the backpack will not let you hit anything or interact with blocks.

Small Backpack with Red Icon

Now, if you are on a PC, just right-click while the backpack is on your main hand, and you can now access the backpack's inventory.

If you are on mobile, simply tap the open button, or long-tap the screen while holding the backpack.

Opening a Small Backpack

PC and Mobile have the same Backpack GUI:

Backpack GUI

The items are saved per backpack, so you can put items in the backpack and share the backpack with your friends.

Backpack with Items Inside

Backpack Commands:


OLD Commands

These commands are very useful when you want to retrieve a lost backpack.

  • bp reset - Type this while holding your backpack to reset it.
  • bp update - Hold your old backpack (backpack created before V3) to reset
  • bp central - Give the location of the backpack central. (requires op tag)
  • bp move - Move the location of the backpack central. (requires op tag)
  • bp drop <backpack id: number> - Get the contents of a backpack. (requires op tag)
  • bp view <backpack id: number> - View the contents of a backpack (requires op tag)
  • bp list - List all backpack IDs (requires op tag)

Backpack Central is where all the main backpacks are located.

When using the backpack commands, do not put a "/", for example, just type in chat "bp reset" or "bp drop 1028"

Improved Commands

  • /scriptevent bps:reset - Reset the backpack item your holding.
  • /scriptevent bps:clear bp - Deletes all backpacks and item recovery.
  • /scriptevent bps:see <ID:int> - See specific backpack items.
  • /scriptevent bps:retrieve <ID:int> - Retrieve backpack items.
  • /scriptevent bps:set <ID:int> - Manually set your backpack id.
  • /scriptevent bps:delete <ID:int> - Delete backpack and recovery items.
  • /scriptevent bps:clean - Delete all empty backpack entities.
  • /scriptevent bps:refresh - Refresh backpack addon. Use if there is any problem regarding the addon.

When using the backpack commands, do not put a "/" instead put "!", for example, just type in chat "!bp reset" or "!bp see 1028"

Backpack Recovery System:

The most important function of the improved backpacks the Recovery System!


  • Don't forget to activate the experimental functions:

Required Experimental Options for the Backpack Plus Addon

  • Make sure to turn on the backpack resource pack in your world if you are using this addon.
  • As always, backup world first if you are updating from an older version of the backpack just to be safe.


My Twitter: @Dewdimpple

Also, join my Discord Server for addon problems or addon updates!

Updated on June 30

Improved Backpack V2 STABLE HOTFIX:

  • Fixed when player enters a world they can't interact with their backpacks.
  • Instead of updating list of players everytime a player joins. It would now update every 3 seconds.


  • Added new command bps:sudo allows to execute backpack command as other players.
    • Command Format: bps:sudo <Player Name> <Backpack Command>
    • For example: /scriptevent bps:sudo Dewdimpple bps:see 1400/scriptevent bps:sudo Dewdimpple bps:reset

Page Update:

  • Reduced the amount of downloads. Only the latest version per MC version will be kept.
Changelog for June 16 / Old Update

For Minecraft Bedrock 1.21+


  • Using stable script version 1.11.0
  • Changed command execution from !bps to using /scriptevent bps
    • For example: /scriptevent bps:list, /scriptevent bps:refresh, /scriptevent bps:see [backpack id].
  • Added new command bps:refresh. Allows to refresh backpack addon.

Technical Changes:

  • Remove using chatSend in scripts until it comes out of experimental.
  • Remove using watchdogTerminate until it comes out of experimental.
  • Replaced chatSend with scriptReceive for commands.
  • Increased delay for refreshing player list when new player joins from 3 to 6 seconds.
Changelog for May 26 / Old Update

Improved Backpack V1.20.8x V1.9.1:

  • Updated backpack item format to fix backpack item not showing up when not using "Holiday Creator Features"
Changelog for April 26 / Old Update

Improved Backpack V1.20.8x V1.9:

  • Fixed backpack item disappearing on mobile when exchanging it directly with an item inside the backpack inventory.
  • Backpack close system adjustments.
  • Removed 'test' message appearing.
  • Added new command "!bps clean".
Changelog for March 06 / Old Update
  • Updated to support 1.20.7x MC Version.
  • Added messaged when backpack addon is loaded.
  • The command removes all empty backpacks inside the world.
  • Optimized code to include all dimensions instead of just overworld.
Changelog for February 07 / Old Update
  • Updated to 1.20.60
Changelog for January 25 / Old Update
  • Fixed commands for servers. Commands will now require either being op or having op tag.
  • Backpack is now an attachable.
Changelog for December 06 / Old Update
  • Updated to 1.20.50
  • Added new command !bps list
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  1. No avatar image AhmedAR100200
    The best Minecraft mod in update 1.21
  2. No avatar image AhmedAR100200
    The best mod
  3. No avatar image Israel
    Una pregunta si sabe que Mojang podría quitar una opción que es esencial para que funcione los complementos en caso que lo quiten que haría usted en caso que suceda
  4. No avatar image jen
    up to 1.21 please!!!
  5. plis update to 1.20
  6. Mr-Face profile avatar Mr-Face
    This is by far the best backpack add-on for bedrock!
    It feels very polished, and it's not to complicated really well done.
  7. This is compatible with other addons?
  8. 8Crafter profile avatar 8Crafter
    This addon is great! This is the first backpack addon that I have seen that does not require you to place down the backpack.
  9. NIKKO profile avatar NIKKO
    This is definitely the best backpack addon good job
    1. did you have to accept an license agreement im just wanting to make sure
  10. Q profile avatar Q
    Changelog for Version 4

    - Force UI now properly working.
    - Switching dimensions causes backpacks to disappear.

    - Added 7 Backpack Commands. bp central, bp move, bp list, bp view, bp drop, bp update, bp reset.
    - When using /kill on a backpack an item will appear inside the backpack notifying it has been killed. The item contains the player names when /kill was executed.
    - New backpack UI color, depending on the size of the backpack.

    - Rebalanced crafting recipe for XL backpacks
    - Rework the system for the saving of the backpack items.
    - Rework the creation of new backpacks.