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ModBay.Org is a web portal for lovers and fans of the world-known game of Minecraft (Minecraft: Bedrock Edition).

Our mission is to unite the fans of this amazing game from all over the world on a single platform and provide them with various features and opportunities.

The ModBay was launched on August 15th, 2022. Currently, we’re just starting to perform our activities. Although we haven’t implemented everything that we wanted yet, we’re trying to provide our users with all sorts of useful features.

If you simply love Minecraft, like we do, and you’re the author of some sort of content, or you just look for interesting posts (add-ons), then please visit our pages. We’ve prepared interesting materials that include:

If you have any great idea (feature) that you would like to see on our platform, please inform us about it. We’ll add it to our TODO list and definitely consider its implementation.

You can download all versions of the ModBay logos here.

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We express our gratitude to each of our users. All of you are breathtaking!

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