The Knocker Addon for Bedrock {Inspired by M_Productions on Java} [Public Beta]

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Imagine you live in a cozy cabin in the forest. Then at night, someone knocks on your doors and windows. When you go outside to see, you see an ominous figure watching you from behind a tree... The Knocker!


Thanks to M_Productions on Java for inspiring me and designing the original The Knocker!

Thanks to {Snark}, Yael_27, and Ramses for making the Bedrock resources for this addon!

Thanks to PlAyErEo3 for testing and helping me know how to make the addon as accurate as possible!

Thanks to the people that came to the Aternos server playtest party to celebrate the development!

Me (DolphinMasterMB) did the coding and AI stuff!

The Knocker watching from the window

The Knocker:

When you just start playing in your Minecraft world, night falls. A creepy, ominous stalker might be watching you!

This stalker is called the Knocker. He's a gentle and smart, but also creepy, entity that is interested in the player and mostly the house he lives in.

He can stalk you from a distance!

He can appear by your windows and knock on them!

He can knock on your door!

He keeps you awake, knocking!

He might eventually break into your house!

He might even be already in your house when you get home!

He does scary stuff when you get too close! If you don't like him attacking you, you can use "/tag @a add peace" to prevent him from doing so!

His AI isn't linear, so he's quite unpredictable!

He does things you might not expect and appears in places you don't like him to be!

Are you in for any surprises?

Development spoilers:


The Knocker: Screenshot 1

The Knocker: Screenshot 2

The Knocker: Screenshot 3

The Knocker: Screenshot 4


Make sure to delete all older versions of the addon first! Then redownload and reinstall the addon after! Don't leave any older versions behind! Check both your Minecraft storage cache and older world resources and behaviors for older versions to delete before attempting a new install! Also, always toggle all experiments on in your world for the addon to function correctly! Happy playing! Cheers! ; )

Download links
The Knocker Addon Download [Dropbox]
The Knocker Addon Download [Mediafire]
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
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  1. create the beware mod for Minecraft 1.19
  2. The resource pack is not working
  3. Habrá otra actualización de Fearcraft en un futuro ?
  4. No avatar image Locat0r
    Hey thanks for the amazing mod
    Can you make it so that when you look at him he attacks you ?
  5. Hello Dolphinmaster! I have an idea how you could become the best mcpe mod creator. The idea is to “separate” the mods that in Fеаrcraft, for example: the man from the fog ONLY or goatman only. Sounds easy doesn't it? Сheers!🐬
    1. please yeeeaaah!!!! this is te best idea outhere. Man from the fog/night dweller only!!!
    2. Azenski profile avatar Azenski
      He will do that just not now
  6. Can u add christmast dweller and from ocean dweller
  7. Yo this is awesome!
  8. The Knocker got some interesting scary new abilities in this "Secret" new update!
    If you witness any odd or perhaps intimidating behaviors, please report to the development team lol! Cheers! ; )
  9. Могли бы вы создать Мод на Сиреноголовый который появляется в лесу
    1. I might add something like the Siren Head eventually! Holiday first lol! Cheers! ; )
  10. Дельфин Мастер спасибо вам за этот Мод он классный за ваше здоровье 😎🥰🤗
    1. Thank you very much! Cheers! ; )
  11. Yooo this actually looks sick definitely adding this to my world!
    1. Thank you very much! Don't answer any knocks from outside your house! This entity is actually insane lol! Cheers! ; )
  12. I'm working on some interesting stuff for this addon! Stay tuned! Cheers! ; )
  13. Thanks for this mod pack you are the best mod creator of Minecraft PE ♥️♥️🔥 can you please make the night powler mod
    1. Thank you very much! I might add the Night Prowler eventually! Cheers! ; )
  14. No avatar image z3taaaa
    why isn't his spawn egg in the inventory?
    1. He has unique spawn conditions! Spawning him manually would probably break the game and ruin the intended experience! Cheers! ; )
      1.  profile avatarShadowXX profile avatar ShadowXX
        would you mind telling us these spawn conditions?
        1. The advanced version of the Knocker spawns at night quite randomly! There's sometimes a knocker that knocks on trees in forests at daytime! He's more rare and hides behind trees! There's another instance where the Knocker might already be in a house(maybe yours), waiting to scare you and give you the chills! This could happen both at day and night! Its super rare though! Cheers! ; )
  15. Make him open or break doors just like in java.
    Cheers !🐬
    1. He does even cooler stuff with doors lol! He also opens them! Cheers! ; )