Banner Markers

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Did you wish that you can place markers in a map? This add-on adds a parity feature from Minecraft: Java Edition. This feature allows you to put markers in your map using banners.

How to use:

To put markers in the map, hold a filled map in your offhand and put down the banner:

Filled Map in The Offhand

If you didn't rename the banner, the mark will appear without a name:

Mark Without Name on a Map

As you see, the banner name appears in the map and on top of the banner:

Mark With Name on a Map

How to install and use:

Updated on October 25

  • 1.20.40 support
Download links
1.20.10+ Banner_Markers_v1.1.mcaddon
1.20.30+ Banner_Markers_v1.1.mcaddon
1.20.40+ Banner_Markers_v1.1.mcaddon
Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10
  1. I have been wanting this feature for so long! Thanks for finally bringing it to us bedrock players!
    1. glad that you liked it
  2.  profile avatarOGFISH profile avatar OGFISH
  3. nice.