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Raiyon's Dynamic Lighting Addon | Compatible With Any Other Addon

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Are you looking for a bedrock 1.19+ addon for Minecraft?

Tired of searching for coal and making stacks of torches to light a cave? Well, if so, this addon is for you adding dynamic lighting.

Dynamic light with torch


Rules of use

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Permission for ModBay:

Raiyon's Dynamic Lighting Addon permission

In order for the addon to work correctly, the activated experiments are needed.

Required experiments for Raiyon's Dynamic Lighting Addon

Dynamic lighting consists of having an item, be it a torch or an item that can give light like a lava bucket, by having these items in hand, it lights up around you

Dynamic light with soul torch

having a soul torch will light up moderately

Dynamic light with redstone torch

having a redstone torch will light a bit

Dynamic light with lava bucket

having a lava bucket or torch will light up around you

Equipped torch

Equipped soul torch

Equipped redstone torch

Equipped lava bucket

All types of torches and lava buckets can be equipped in the offhand, no need to craft new items!

Items with normal torch lighting

Items and blocks for dynamic lighting

Items with soul torch lighting

Items for dynamic lighting

Dynamic lighting was added to some items such as the Recovery Compass, Redstone Dust etc.

Dynamic lighting with Recovery Compass

Jack o'Lantern Helmet

Added "Jack o'Lantern Helmet" having this item equipped will emit light around, and it is useful when you have in the offhand either a shield, map etc.

Helmet variants

Jack o'Lantern helmet recipe

Equipped Jack o'Lantern Helmet

Gif with Jack o'Lantern helmet

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Due Bedrock Limitations After Crafting A Torch Need To Wield It On The Mainhand To Able Wield It On The Off Hand Due To Bedrock Limitations :/

The pack icon has been corrected:

Raiyon's Dynamic Lighting is activated

Updated on May 24

  • Added Compatibility With Minecraft 1.19.83+
  • Fixed A Bug When You Drop A Torch Only Receive One Instead Of The Amount Droped
  • Fixed Minor Bugs And Added A Sound When Wearing Pumpkin Lit
  • Added An Important Advertisment