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Thumbnail: Parkour Gabutz

Parkour Gabutz

This parkour is a parkour made by Seno Gamink, who was inspired by JMCCraft, the maker of the Parkour Corridor. Parkour Gabutz has 100 stages.

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Thumbnail: The City of Swagtropolis

The City of Swagtropolis

The City of Swagtropolis is a fictional Minecraft city built and created by me. This city even has many buildings with redstone integration wherever possible including power lights and much more.

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Thumbnail: Repaired Ancient City

Repaired Ancient City

My project back from 2022 is finally here! I've completely rebuilt the Ancient Cities! Explore the Ancient City and take a look at the past, how it could have looked like decades ago!

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Thumbnail: LuckyMap


This is a Minecraft map with lucky blocks. The map contains 4 routes on which you can race with friends or complete them alone. The map can be played in multiplayer mode.

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Thumbnail: House Of Slendrina

House Of Slendrina

Are you a big Slendrina fan? Well, this map is for you!! It's because you can now play House Of Slendrina in Minecraft because of this map! This map includes jumpscares and many more!

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Thumbnail: 1DCRAFT


Do you want to play Minecraft but in 1D? Well, this Minecraft map is for you! It's because this map turned Minecraft into 1D! You can now play Minecraft in 1D using this map!


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