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Raboy's Zombie Apocalypse | New Structures, New Zombie Illagers, Better Visuals, Better Zombies, Improved World Generation + Much More!

Thumbnail: Raboy's Zombie Apocalypse | New Structures, New Zombie Illagers, Better Visuals, Better Zombies, Improved World Generation + Much More!

Immerse yourself with the most realistic and vanilla-friendly Zombie Apocalypse addon for Minecraft Bedrock! This addon adds a bunch of new mechanics to the vanilla game and an apocalyptic landscape and ambience to truly immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic environment where tons of zombies roam around the land.

Welcome to Raboy's Zombie Apocalypse addon, the ultimate zombie survival experience for Minecraft Bedrock and MCPE players! Dive into a world overrun by the undead and put your survival skills to the test in this immersive, intense, and thrilling zombie apocalypse!

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⚠️WARNING! Be sure to enable the following experiment toggles and cheats, otherwise, this addon won't work.

Required Experimental Options

Required Cheats

⚠️IMPORTANT: type /gamerule commandblockoutput falseif you created a new world, so there won't be any random texts that appear on your screen while you're playing.


Raboy's Zombie Apocalypse adds the following unique features to the game:

Known Bugs

  • Some saplings don't grow with leaves
  • Zombie Villagers still burn during daytime

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Updated on August 08

Raboy's Zombie Apocalypse v1.1.0


  • Full 1.20 support


  • Fixed saplings don't grow with leaves (only works with oak saplings for now)
  • Charged and supercharged iron golems now destroy blocks when exploding
  • Significantly improved wandering trader trades

World Generation:

  • Removed flowers that generate on some parts of the world
  • Slightly tweaked world generation
  • Added abandoned houses (which only spawn in wooded areas)


  • Improved zombie walking animation speed (walk animation speed now depends on how fast the zombie is moving)
  • Added sponge with gun zombie variant (patron skin)


  • Zombies now drop xp when killed
  • Zombies are now slightly faster, except for the miner zombies
  • Zombies now attack faster
  • Match zombie villager behaviors to other zombies
  • Improved zombie villager animations
  • Illagers now attack zombies, and vice versa
  • Illagers are now friendly towards villagers
  • Illagers are now neutral towards players
  • Illagers are now friendly towards iron golems, and vice versa
  • Pillagers will now try to avoid zombies
  • Ravagers are now friendly towards iron golems and players, and vice versa
  • Added zombie evoker (only summons evocation fangs)
  • Added zombie pillager
  • Added zombie vindicator
  • Changed charged iron golem health from 100 to 600
  • Changed supercharged iron golem health from 300 to 1200
  • Wandering trader now fights back when attacked by players
  • Wandering trader now fights zombies by throwing potions at them like the witch
  • Wandering trader now drinks potions depending on the circumstance
  • Wandering trader now runs faster when avoiding zombies

  1. nosegonzales386
    Cuando le pongo este mod a mi servidor o mundo recién creado
    Y quiero entrar no me deja entrar
  2. Tissou
    Your zombies textures are great, finally someone who makes his own zombie texture and not stealing mine. You the goat bro.
    1. Raboy13
      Thanks man :) you make amazing content as well!
  3. Kingcreeperblue
    This addon is great! Idk why the zombies arnt dropping xp. Would've been useful for the players when using an anvil or enchantment table in a zombie world.

    Either way. Cant wait for what gets added to the addon!
    And knowing you know about the tree sapling being broken bug in the addon. I can say that the best alternative trees to go for that i could think of are mangrove trees, azalea trees (probably got the name wrong due to my dyslexia), and dark oak trees (even though the leaves start decaying immediately after it grows).

    To any player whos playing this version of the addon. These trees are the best options to go for if you're close to either one. Might have a good chance on finding a azalea tree with its leaves intact if possible.
    1. Raboy13
      These issues have been fixed now :)