Minecraft Live 2023: Announced features

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On October 15, 2023, we saw the long-awaited Minecraft Live! The developers have done a lot of work. Let's talk about all the announced content. 1

Mob Vote winner

Congratulations to the Armadillo!

  • Spawns in Savannas
  • Startle him and he will curl up into a ball
  • Drops a scute
  • Use scute to craft a wolf armor

Mob vote 2023 winner: Armadillo.

The Bedrock-server continues its work for a day after the vote. Have time to play!

Minecraft 1.21

This update will be released in the summer of 2024. But the first beta features will appear in the game in the coming week.

The developers announced only ready-made features. This means that not all the contents of the future update are here.

Trial Chamber

  • This is a new structure with challenge rooms
  • Here you can find chests with loot and a new mob
  • Procedurally generated, which means youโ€™ll face a new challenge each time you enter

Demonstration of Trial Chamber.

Trial spawner

  • Spawn mobs
  • This is one of the trials in the Trial Chamber
  • After winning, you will receive a reward
  • The more players there are, the harder the challenge and the better the reward
  • It recharges and you can take the challenge again
  • Smokes while recharging

Demonstration of Trial Spawner.


  • New mob in Trial Chamber
  • Uses the wind to attack
  • Does not destroy blocks around
  • Interacts with certain mobs and creates a redstone signal
  • Activates various traps in the room

Demonstration of Breeze.

New decorative blocks

New decorative tuff and copper blocks. The most interesting block โ€” Copper bulbs:

  • Can be toggled on and off using redstone pulses
  • Oxidize and become darker. Can be cleaned with an axe

Demonstration of Copper bulb.


New block.

  • Allows you to automate crafting
  • Can be used with hoppers

Demonstration of Crafter.

Minecraft Legends

Several updates have been announced.

  • In a ribbiting twist, heroes will now be able to hop into battle on the fearless frog
  • New ally in battle: the mysterious witches
  • The air chopper - piglin structure that will push your units back with strong gusts of spore-filled air
  • and moreโ€ฆ

Demonstration of Air Chopper.

DLC Star Wars: Path of the Jedi

An add-on for Minecraft Bedrock, which will be released November 7th, 2023. You'll get your own Jedi sword!

Demonstration of DLC Star Wars.

DLC Planet Earth III

Minecraft Education and BBC Earth will release a new DLC Planet Earth III in 2024.

Minecraft education: Planet Earth III.

Minecraft turns 15 years

The game turns 15 next year. Interesting statistics from Mojang Studios:

Statistics for Minecraft Live 2023.

Minecraft Live on YouTube

You can watch the full live:

Try features earlier

One of the ways to test the features first is to use addons. Fans of the game will create concepts almost immediately.

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    I'm sure they keep the most interesting features in secret for later, as it has been with 1.20 ๐Ÿค”