What's new in Minecraft Beta & Preview

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A new version has been rolled out: meet Minecraft Beta & Preview You can read the official Changelog here. Great beta!

The update was announced by @Mega_Spud on Twitter:

We have highlighted the most interesting:

  • The book of an Enchanting Table now properly faces a nearby player
  • Fixed an issue with the durability bar missing on inventory screens on Xbox
  • Fixed a bug where items could not be removed from the hotbar by moving them onto other items in Creative Inventory on mobile devices
  • Implemented the '/execute in' command
  • Implemented the โ€˜/execute anchored <eyes|feet>โ€™ command

And some changes related to Java Parity:

  • Getting killed by a mob with a renamed weapon now produces a death message with the item name
  • Decreased the amount of hunger used while swimming to match Java Edition
  • Wither Skeletons can now spawn inside of Wither Roses

If you want to read about all the changes, open the official Changelog.

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