Another seed with Mangrove swamps at spawn

Thumbnail: Another seed with Mangrove swamps at spawn

Another seed that will generate a world with Mangrove swamps for Minecraft 1.19 and above on the spawn. Its peculiarity is that there is another Mangrove swamps not far from spawn.

After spawning, you will immediately see the entrance to the Mangrove Swamps.

Entrance to the Mangrove swamp

Nearby there is another biome with mangroves located along the coast.

Mangrove swamp on the shore

In the jungle you can find a small area of Mangroves.

Mangrove swamp among the jungle

If you pay attention, you can find an Azalea tree.

Lush Caves tree

Or a big floating mountain.

Floating Mountain

And there is a savannah with a village nearby (coords: 693 74 -364). There are three Blacksmith buildings with chests and valuable loot.

Savannah village

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