How to Submit Minecraft content to ModBay

Thumbnail: How to Submit Minecraft content to ModBay

In this guide, we’ll try to help you with posting your own content (mods, maps, texture packs) on ModBay.

Before posting, we recommend you to read our Website Rules and Privacy Policy.


Specify the title of the article. Try to keep the name original.

The Title field

Short description

A brief description is displayed on the main page of the website. We recommend using about 100-150 characters to describe the main idea of your post or Add-on on briefly.

Short description of article.

Full description

Full description is the primary tool for any author. In addition, you can use the functionality of our editor to style the text of the Add-on you’re about to post.

The core of your article should be provided here. Use the editor to format your article nicely. Insert images and highlight important parts of the text with color or bold.

Full description and a description of the main tools

Main cover

This is the article’s preview, i.e., the main image describing your post. It’ll be displayed on the website’s main page and at the article’s beginning.

Main cover of article.

Main Category selection

Here you’re required to select a Category. After Moderation, it won’t be possible to change it.

The following Main Categories are available for users:

  • News
  • Guides
  • Mods
  • Maps
  • Textures
  • Seeds
  • Skin packs

Main Category selection

Subcategory selection

If a category has several subcategories, you must also select them. For example, there are such subcategories for mods: cars, biomes, structures, etc.

Subcategory selection

Supported versions

Select the Minecraft game version from the corresponding list. Be sure that your add-on is guaranteed to work with this version.
For add-ons and texture packs, we recommend you specify the versions with:

  • minimal requirements for the version to be supported;
  • maximal requirements for the version to be allowed.

For maps, we strongly recommend you specify the Minecraft version in which the map was created. It’s enough to specify just one game version. You don’t need to select all of them from the list.

If the search page doesn’t display the necessary version, please make a note in the full description or send us an e-mail ([email protected]) or a message on Twitter DM (@modbay_).

Supported versions

Attaching files

If you post add-ons, please don’t forget to attach files. Users can upload their files to the ModBay.Org server or provide external links to download them.

If you upload a file to the server, take the following restrictions into account:

  • available formats: mcworld, mctemplate, mcaddon, mcpack, zip, rar;
  • maximum file size: 20 MB.

Attaching files to the Post

To ensure security of our users, we reject materials that don’t meet our Rules and Privacy Police.


This field appears if you select Seeds as the Main Category. It’s necessary to insert your seed here.

Seed field of the Post

Moderation and Drafts

After you submit your materials for Moderation, you won’t be able to make any changes until they’re Approved or Rejected. This approach guarantees the integrity and security of the data for both the ModBay system and its users.

You don’t need to send any update of your Add-on for Moderation immediately, but, if necessary, you can save it as a Draft. Therefore, it’s possible to continue editing it anytime and then send it for Moderation.

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