HANGMAN (A Horror Classic Experience)

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One Day, You (Steve) and Alex are playing hangman on paper. You start wondering what happens to the man you are hanging. Suddenly you get pulled in to the game by a hand. You wake up to find yourself in a black void, on further inspection you see a wall of letters with buttons underneath them. Opposite to them, you see underlines and... a noose. You click one of the buttons, and it disappears right in front of your eyes. You turn around, there is a letter above one of the underlines. You press a different button, The noose suddenly has a head on it! That's when you realize. This is a game of hangman, just like what you and Alex were playing. Can you solve the puzzle and lift the hangman curse, or will you fill the hangman and get killed?

Hangman minigame and Alex

How to Play:


While in playing mode. There is a wall with each letter of the alphabet. Under each letter is a button, click the button if you want to guess that letter.

Guessing on the Hangman map

Guessing Correctly:

Guessing a letter this is in the word on the opposite side of the room will have the letter appear above the blanks. Use the showing letters and the blank lines to help you guess the word. once every letter has been guessed correctly you will win.

Guessing correctly on the Hangman map

Guessing Incorrectly:

When guessing a letter this is NOT in the word on the opposite side of the room will jumpscare you showing the status of the hangman. If you look at the noose next to the blank lines a head of Steve will appear there. With every wrong guess adding a body part. Also adding spooky limbs and screen effects, getting more intense per wrong guess. Once the hangman if fully completed he will finally have enough power to unalive you...

Guessing incorrectly on the Hangman map

Changing Settings:

Upon right-clicking (or press and holding on mobile) while holding the gear icon in your inventory will bring up a popup where you can configure hangman to your enjoyment

Hangman map settings

Click on one of the first three options to turn them on or off.

Non Player Character setting

Resetting your data will reset your score and play the beginning cutscene again.


Gore: There is gore containing limbs, blood, and uncanny screaming. If you are sensitive to these things, you may want to turn this off.

Jumpscares: This game contains many jump scares, it is not recommended for everyone to have this feature on if you have heart problems and/or other things that make you sensitive.

Screen Shake: If you suffer from epilepsy, I highly recommend you have this off, so you don't have a seizure.

Go into creative mode. I dare you


This is an old project that I made a couple years ago. I have been thinking about a remaster of it for a while, I was glad I could finally create it.

This was created with heavy addons and command blocks working their best together.

Original If You Want: https://mcpedl.com/h-a-n-g-m-a-n-minigame-map/



  • Map Build: Villagecool
  • Original Hangman Game: Some European Prisoner
  • Assets: Villagecool
  • Code: Villagecool
  • Command blocks: Villagecool
  • Minecraft: Mojang Studios

Some other sound effects where just taken off the internet with unknown origin

Bugs? Report them in the comments or in my discord


Updated on September 14

  • Fixed an broken block in the corrner of the map
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1.20.0 1.19.10
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