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Are you ready for an incredible adventure in the sky? So come and discover Super Sky Block, a minecraft map that will challenge your survival skills and creativity. In this map, you start on a small floating island with limited resources and need to explore other islands from different biomes, each with their own structures, challenges and secrets. You can find everything from an island of ice to an island with a hellish fortress. But be careful, as danger is lurking around every corner. You will have to face monsters, traps and puzzles to progress through the map and unlock new items and rewards. And if you need some extra help, you can visit Shop Island, a special store where you can buy useful items with the resources you collect. The map supports up to 3 players, so you can invite your friends to join you on this adventure. Super Sky Block is a fun, challenging and varied map that will provide you with hours of entertainment. Download now and discover what the sky has to offer.

This is a minecraft bedrock map that will test your survival, exploration and combat skills. In this map, you have to collect or buy 12 end pearls to activate the end portal on stronghold island and face the dragon. But it won't be easy, as you will have to explore 39 floating islands from different biomes, including those in the nether, and deal with the mobs, traps and puzzles they hide.

Each island has its own structure, secret and reward. You can find anything from a desert island with a well to a basalt island with a bastion. You can also visit the shop island, a store where you can buy useful items with the resources you collect.

Now I will present a little about each of the islands on the map:

Overworld Islands

Overworld Islands:

Nether Islands

Nether Islands:


This map comes with two textures, one made by the creator of this map, and the other a partnership between Masterspike and the creator Redstone Chicken. The use of these textures is optional, but recommended for a better gaming experience and visual experience :)

Explorer Texture Pack (MasterSpike)
Colorful Containers (Redstone Chicken)
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