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Are you ready for an incredible adventure in the sky? So come and discover Super Sky Block, a minecraft map that will challenge your survival skills and creativity. In this map, you start on a small floating island with limited resources and need to explore other islands from different biomes, each with their own structures, challenges and secrets. You can find everything from an island of ice to an island with a hellish fortress. But be careful, as danger is lurking around every corner. You will have to face monsters, traps and puzzles to progress through the map and unlock new items and rewards. And if you need some extra help, you can visit Shop Island, a special store where you can buy useful items with the resources you collect. The map supports up to 3 players, so you can invite your friends to join you on this adventure. Super Sky Block is a fun, challenging and varied map that will provide you with hours of entertainment. Download now and discover what the sky has to offer.

This is a minecraft bedrock map that will test your survival, exploration and combat skills. In this map, you have to collect or buy 12 end pearls to activate the end portal on stronghold island and face the dragon. But it won't be easy, as you will have to explore 39 floating islands from different biomes, including those in the nether, and deal with the mobs, traps and puzzles they hide.

Each island has its own structure, secret and reward. You can find anything from a desert island with a well to a basalt island with a bastion. You can also visit the shop island, a store where you can buy useful items with the resources you collect.

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Now I will present a little about each of the islands on the map:

Overworld Islands

Overworld Islands:
Home Island:

This is the starting island of the map, when you start the map you will be born underground on this island and you will have to survive and explore the others.

Home Island: Screenshot 1

Home Island: Screenshot 2

Home Island: Screenshot 3

Shop Island:

One of the most important islands on the entire map, you can buy and sell your items, getting emeralds and buying more land to expand your island, spawn eggs, equipment, enchantments and thousands of other buying and selling options.

Shop Island: Screenshot 1

Shop Island: Screenshot 2

River Island:

River Island: Screenshot

Birch Island:

Birch Island: Screenshot

Forest Island:

Forest Island: Screenshot

Cave Island:

Cave Island is the perfect place for mining, there you can find all types of ore, spawners and mine carts.

Cave Island: Screenshot 1

Cave Island: Screenshot 2

Cave Island: Screenshot 3

Cave Island: Screenshot 4

Deep Dark: At the bottom of Cave Island you will be able to find a small crevice, when going down the vineyards you will have access to the Deep Dark Cave, a dark place and home to the strongest creature on the map, The Warden, keep silence in your steps and movements so as not to waking up is a beast.

Deep Dark: Screenshot 1

Deep Dark: Screenshot 2

Deep Dark: Screenshot 3

Desert Island:

Desert Island: Screenshot

Snow Island:

Snow Island: Screenshot

Ice Spikes Island:

Ice Spikes Island: Screenshot

Music Island:

On this island you can buy minecraft discs, all the discs can be found by exploring the map but if you lose them you can buy them again on this island. Just climb the stairs and enter the jukebox at the top.

Music Island: Screenshot 1

Music Island: Screenshot 2

Spruce Island:

Spruce Island: Screenshot

Pillager Outpost Island:

Pillager Outpost Island: Screenshot

Dark Oak Forest Island:

Dark Oak Forest Island: Screenshot

Taiga Island:

Taiga Island: Screenshot

Ocean Island:

Ocean Island is a much larger island than the others, as it has an ocean inside, with tropical fish, sunken boats and a coral reef.

Ocean Island: Screenshot 1

Ocean Island: Screenshot 2

Ocean Island: Screenshot 3

Ocean Temple:

At the bottom of the ocean there is an ocean temple, with lots of gold to be won, but beware of the guardians who guard these treasures.

Ocean Temple: Screenshot 1

Ocean Temple: Screenshot 2

Ocean Temple: Screenshot 3

Cherry Tree Island:

Cherry Tree Island: Screenshot

Forest of Flowers Island:

Forest of Flowers Island: Screenshot

Bamboo Island:

Bamboo Island: Screenshot

Jungle Island:

Jungle Island: Screenshot

Amethyst Geode Island:

Amethyst Geode Island: Screenshot

Lush Caves Island:

Lush Caves Island: Screenshot 1

Lush Caves Island: Screenshot 2

Desert Temple Island:

Desert Temple Island: Screenshot

Mountain Island:

Mountain Island: Screenshot

Blacksmith Island:

On this island you can buy all armor templates to customize your armor.

Blacksmith Island: Screenshot 1

Blacksmith Island: Screenshot 2

Great Fountain of the Allay Island:

If you are injured, enter the waters of this sacred spring to recover your hearts and satisfy your hunger.

Great Fountain of the Allay Island: Screenshot

Mushroom Island:

Mushroom Island: Screenshot

Mangrove Island:

Mangrove Island: Screenshot

Swamp Island:

Swamp Island: Screenshot

Stronghold Island:

Stronghold Island: Screenshot 1

Stronghold Island: Screenshot 2

Stronghold Island: Screenshot 3

Stronghold Island: Screenshot 4

Stronghold Island: Screenshot 5

Stronghold Island: Screenshot 6

Stronghold Island: Screenshot 7

Stronghold Island: Screenshot 8

Nether Islands

Nether Islands:
Nether Portal Island:

Nether Portal Island: Screenshot

Nether Hub Island:

Nether Hub Island: Screenshot

Basalt Deltas Island:

Basalt Deltas Island: Screenshot

Nether Shop Island:

This island is the center of the nether, there you can buy all kinds of items, from ores to spawn eggs.

Nether Shop Island: Screenshot 1

Nether Shop Island: Screenshot 2

Crimson Forest Island:

Crimson Forest Island: Screenshot

Warped Forest Island:

Warped Forest Island: Screenshot

Lava Ocean Island:

Lava Ocean Island: Screenshot

Soul Sand Valley Island:

Soul Sand Valley Island: Screenshot

Nether Fortress Island:

Nether Fortress Island: Screenshot 1

Nether Fortress Island: Screenshot 2

Nether Fortress Island: Screenshot 3

Nether Fortress Island: Screenshot 4

Bastion Remnant Island:

Bastion Remnant Island: Screenshot 1

Bastion Remnant Island: Screenshot 2

Bastion Remnant Island: Screenshot 3

Bastion Remnant Island: Screenshot 4


This map comes with two textures, one made by the creator of this map, and the other a partnership between Masterspike and the creator Redstone Chicken. The use of these textures is optional, but recommended for a better gaming experience and visual experience :)

Explorer Texture Pack (MasterSpike)

Some of the main changes, but for more details follow the link below:


Explorer Texture Pack: Screenshot 1

Explorer Texture Pack: Screenshot 2

Explorer Texture Pack: Screenshot 3

Explorer Texture Pack: Screenshot 4

Explorer Texture Pack: Screenshot 5

Colorful Containers (Redstone Chicken)

This texture modifies the benches and various Minecraft GUIs, this texture was created by Redstone Chicken, and all due credits are left in the links below:


Colorful Containers: Examples

Here are the creator's permissions for use :)

Colorful Containers: Fried Chicken's Permission

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Updated on April 09

  • Texture updated to 1.20.73, working and bug fixes.
Changelog for March 23 / Old Update
  • Added a new way to support the creator.
  • Added "what can I do?" and "what can't I do?" topics.
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