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Greetings, adventurer! Welcome to the exciting world of your Sword Art Online Minecraft map! In this epic adventure, you'll journey through 10 unique floors, each featuring its own boss fight and unique challenges to overcome. Along the way, you'll encounter numerous side quests and have the opportunity to level up your character. Whether you're venturing forth alone or with friends, this Minecraft map promises endless hours of entertainment and an experience inspired by the popular Sword Art Online anime and novel series. The map's 6 different traits offer additional challenges and change the game for your character in many ways, including abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Whether you're a skilled sword fighter or prefer a more tactical approach, this map offers plenty of action and adventure for you to test your might.

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Genuine Help :-:

Ok, on most floors, you will die instantly if you touch water. I made it like this cuz it's fun to see people struggle. The only floor you can basically swim on is floor 9, so be aware.

Also, this map is Fanmade! The floors and lore are not fully accurate! If you need help with something, then join the Discord.

Combo System:

In this world, traits can limit you or strengthen you, however, every trait comes with atleast 1 combo which I will update over time! For example, using the correct dual combo as a Dual Wielder or wearing specifc armour, these combos will enhance your experience and make it fun to get this combo!

Col System:

The Col system is basically currency, you can buy from the local shops and give Col to other players! Col can also be used to purchase pets and even homes! They can be obtained by doing side quests, beating bosses or just surviving 1 Ingame Day!

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The Floors:

Welcome to the exciting world of the Sword Art Online Minecraft Map! This map offers players a thrilling and stimulating experience, with each of the 10 unique floors presenting a unique set of challenges and rewards.

Floor 1:

The Forest Biome serves as an introduction to the map, with players gathering resources, exploring the surrounding environment, and familiarizing themselves with the layout.

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Floor 2:

The Emptier Forest is a slightly more challenging environment, where players can summon Kirito and Asuna mobs to fight and gather items.

Floor 2: Screenshot 1

Floor 2: Screenshot 2

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Floor 3:

The Nether Floor is a dangerous environment, where players must navigate through lava and deadly mobs to find and explore the Nether Fortress, home of the Excalibur.

Floor 3: Screenshot 1

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Floor 3: Screenshot 3

Floor 4:

The Jungle Floor is a dense and overgrown environment, filled with hidden treasure and dangerous creatures.

Floor 4: Screenshot 1

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Floor 5:

The Sky Islands floor is a series of small islands connected by bridges and platforms, presenting a challenging parkour experience for players.

Floor 5: Screenshot 1

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Floor 6:

The Hot Ancient Egypt floor is a unique environment, where players will have to navigate through tombs to find valuable loot and items.

Floor 6: Screenshot 1

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Floor 7:

This floor is a beautiful and peaceful environment, with players enjoying the stunning scenery and lush cherry-blossom trees. Players can take their time to explore and collect resources, while also being able to summon Kirito and Asuna mobs to fight and gather items. Overall, Floor 7 provides players with a relaxing and enjoyable experience, away from the intensity of the other floors.

Floor 7: Screenshot 1

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Floor 8:

The Cold snowy Forest floor, where you can find the home of Kirito, is a unique, winter-themed environment, featuring beautiful landscapes and dangerous mobs.

Floor 8: Screenshot 1

Floor 8: Screenshot 2

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Floor 9:

The Hot Sunny Beach Island Floor, where players must swim to every island, is a perfect opportunity for players to test their swimming skills.

Floor 9: Screenshot 1

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Floor 10:

The Dark End Floor is the culmination of the map, where players will encounter dangerous mobs and face the final boss. players who succeed will receive a great reward and the satisfaction of completing the map.

Floor 10: Screenshot 1

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If you use this map in a video, make sure to put this ModBay map link into the description or my YT! Do not edit the map or claim that it is yours. If you need any help or have a suggestion, then join the Discord!


Thanks to these 3 Addon Creators for letting me use their addons!


Permission from TheVeis

Permission from ItsDarkwolf6

Permission from TenshiMCPE

Updated on February 04

  • Floor 2 Fully Revamped
  • Floor 5 Improved
  • Difficulty increased
  • Trait Changes
  • Higher Floor Requirements
  • New Quests
  • Better Quest System
  • Floor 4 Upgraded
  • Camps Added
  • Nether Fortress Expanded
  • New Secret Areas
  • Fixed Excalibur Quest
  • New Levelling System
  • More Combos
  • Remade The Radiance Trait To Oppose Lunar
  • New Village On Floor 2
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