NC Egg Wars (Functional Map)

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This is a working Egg Wars map that can be played with as little as 2 players to a maximum of 16 players. The map repairs itself automatically after each game, so you can have as many games as you like!

NC Egg Wars: Screenshot 1

NC Egg Wars: Screenshot 2

NC Egg Wars: Screenshot 3

Be the last team standing to win EGG WARS!

How to play?

  1. Players will spawn on the lobby when they enter the world for the first time. To start the game, players have to click on the floating start button to open its UI and click the available button to start the game.
  2. When the game has started, players can start collecting iron and gold on their islands to get started. Iron and gold can be used to purchase items, armor, and weapons in the shop keeper.
  3. Protecting your dragon egg can add some defense to protect it from incoming enemies. Your dragon egg gives you life when you die. If it gets destroyed, you will no longer respawn when you die.
  4. Fix or Upgrade your generators to get faster resources
  5. Get stacked and eliminate your enemies by destroying their dragon egg and killing them afterward to win the game!

NC Egg Wars: Screenshot 4

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