Pig Race

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This is a very funny mini-game of pig races. In which each player will ride a piggy and steer it with a carrot rod, and must pass all the obstacles on the track to be the first to reach the finish line and win the game.

Be the first to reach the finish line to win. Remember also to pass carefully the obstacles of the circuit. Finally, along the way, there will be some lucky blocks that could benefit you or not.

Map features:

  • Self-repairing map
  • Includes models, sounds, and animations for a better experience.
  • For more difficulty, activate or deactivate the piggy hits.
  • Play with up to 8 players
  • Map bugs? Run this command: /function reset




Start of the pig race.

Obstacles in the race.

The race is coolly designed, you will see beautiful effects.

Some sections of the race look like a beautiful jungle.

An exciting race with friends.

You can play with a large company of 8 players.

The map is thought out, and at the start you will see a traffic light.

There will be accelerations or decelerations on the way. Try to open the lucky block.

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Download Pig Race v1.0.mcworld
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