Safe House (Map)

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On this map, you will find modern and safe house construction. The house has anti-mob and anti-troll protection. It is worth mentioning that the house is modern and has a very nice decoration.

House Functions

All these functions you can observe with the menu item. To get it, you can use the command: /give @s add:menu or find it in creative mode in the books section.

  • No fire or lava can be placed
  • Anti explosion
  • Creeper detect
  • Other players will not be able to destroy
  • Anti mobs protection: only the owner and those with permissions (OP) can enter the house.
  • Laser door protection
  • Lava contour protection
  • Rock house protection
  • Electric cage protection
  • Security camera protection


Video Trailer


View of the Safe House

Swimming Pool in the Safe House

Safe House Management via Menu

Protection of the Safe House

Bedroom in the Safe House

Kitchen in the Safe House

Updated on September 21

Update v6.1.0:

  • Fixed the bug that did not allow inviting players to the world.
  • Now there is a button to turn on or off the lights on the second floor.
Changelog for August 07 / Old Update

Update v6.0.0:

  • The issue that prevented the form from opening has been resolved.
  • From now on, the form is free of scripts, ensuring the prevention of future errors.
  • The use of fire or lava inside the house is prohibited.
Changelog for December 01 / Old Update

Update v5.0.0:

  • The whole house was remodeled, keeping the same dimensions.
  • Now when using the laser door it will no longer give lag.
  • Now the house is located in a new current seed of 1.18.
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