Experiment World

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This world is a perfect map for testing destructive Redstone builds or destructive addons which destroys the environment. This map offers a regenerable 500x500 flooring with 40 blocks thick walls.

What does this map do?

This map is a world you can experiment on, perfect for destructive Redstone contraptions or perhaps addons with destructive additions to the game. With this map, you can easily test out your stuff without any consequences of the maps that matter to you. Additionally, this map offers a built-in function pack which can repair the walls and floors. Did I mention the flooring is 500x500? Each blue and yellow square represents a 100x100 area. The 500x500 flooring is surrounded by a 40 block thick wall which is also regenerate and a perfect target practice for TNT cannons and missiles.

Command for repairing the wall:

Command for repairing the wall

Command for repairing the floor:

Command for repairing the floor

In game screenshots:

Experiment World (screenshot 1)

Experiment World (screenshot 2)

Experiment World (screenshot 3)

Experiment World (screenshot 4)

Experiment World (screenshot 5)

Experiment World (screenshot 6)

Experiment World (screenshot 7)

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