Sister's House - Horror map

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You are an ordinary person who forgot about your sister and family because of work! You must visit your sister and relatives, they live in the same house! But what is it!? You are locked in the house! Your mission now is to find out what's going on and escape!

Trailer (RU / 1.9.0)

Trailer (EN / 1.5.0)


  • Map developers: Gosha 29 :D, NotNot 136 and AnimeSHnik. KA

Map trailer

This is a horror map in which you will find out the secret of your sister and why she became like that!

Solve puzzles

Large location on Sister's House

Find out her secret

To escape or die

Potion in Sister's House

Sister's room

This map can be scary, solve puzzles, run away from your sister and find Easter eggs!

Complete the chapters

Updated on April 3

  • New map cover!
  • Update for RU version: 1.9.0
    • Sister now respawns when you die
    • Good endings now work
    • A new bad ending in Episode 1
    • A new bad ending in Episode 2
    • Random bad endings
    • Redesigned bad endings
    • Episode 3 in time mode
    • Cheating gifts in episodes for a while
    • Changed the books of chapters in episode 1
    • Reduced time in Episode 2 in time mode
    • The lighting has been changed again
    • Added 3 books in Episode 3
    • Trophy Room: Collect 6 items
    • Added rewards for completing episodes
    • Fixed bugs
January 16 / old update
  • New map cover!
v1.8.0 / October 20 / old update
  • Removed HD textures because they:
    • load the map
    • the map weighs more
  • Added Russian map version
  • Added new trailers
Download links
Sister's House 1.5.0 (.mcworld, EN)
Sister's House 1.5.0 (.zip, EN)
Sister's House 1.9.0 (.mcworld, RU)
Sister's House 1.9.0 (.zip, RU)
Supported versions
1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.40 1.19.30 1.17.30