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Apex Legends-based gameplay for singleplayer and multiplayer on a fragment of King's Canyon. With AI-controlled enemies, a selection of weapons, Legends, etc.

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Minecraft: APEX LEGENDS is a sci-fi shooter for Singleplayer/Multiplayer based on games by Respawn Entertainment.Created by DeathlyTroll since 2019.


  • Singleplayer/Multiplayer
  • World based on Apex Legends and Titanfall
  • 15+ Weapons
  • Attachments, abilities, items & more
  • AI controlled enemies
  • Updates

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Battle Royale - Solos

Choose your abilities and drop in the arena. Search for loot to improve and arm yourself. Survive the battle to become the champion of the arena.

Together with your friends or alone, all enemies in this simulated BR mode are randomly spawning bots. A dangerous zone is not required due to default limitations by Minecraft's Simulation Distance.


Legends fight against Shadows. Team up with random Bots and survive until the evacuation flight is coming.

Every legend has an available health pool of 36 HP. Players/Enemies drop with only base health (20 HP) which can be restored by Medkits. Shield Batteries add HP on top (16 HP). Phoenix Kits restore all 36 HP. (If you play without Shield, you fight with half health!)

Apex Legends: Battle Royale


King's Canyon

  • 1000 x 650 blocks

King's Canyon: Minimap

Soul Settlement and Skull Town: Screenshots

Shadowfall: Screenshot


This world features an exclusive Add-On with lots of guns from Apex Legends. The weapons are designed in 3D 16x16 look with performance as a main focus. Handling should be intuitive: In order to reload you need the right type of ammo somewhere in your inventory and fire the weapon empty. Scopes can be attached through crafting and Extended Mags affect all weapons of the corresponding ammo class automatically if carried in inventory.

Some guns:

Apex Legends: Weapons

Apex Legends: Attachables



Please give feedback if you're interested in updates.

This map is a fan project by DT. without any revenue.

Music out of a mashup by post_hiding (YouTube). Based on music composed by Steve Barton.


  • Don't create your own translated versions. This map was designed to work with translations by .lang files. If you'd like to add your language, please contact me before you start and I may add it to the world.
  • This world is not suitable for conversion to Java.
  • Thank you for videos and feedback!



  • Lobby, animated UI elements and optimization for all platforms
  • Legend select intro
  • Skull Town/South Settlements added to King's Canyon
  • New Legends: Loba, Lifelin
  • New guns: P2020, EVA-8, Peacekeeper, L-Star, Charge Rifl
  • Gamemode: Shadowfal
  • Airdrop
  • New Dropdow
  • Enemy: Gibralta
  • New Legend Voice Line
  • More gun animations
  • Battle Royale Ranks
  • Experience Levels


  • Improved some animations/textures
  • Nox Gas slows targets now
  • Kraber, L-Star -> Airdrop Weapons + Airdrop Ammo
  • Increased 4x zoom
  • Less Ground Loot
  • Shooting animations fixed


  • Legend Horizon


  • Kraber (+damage)
  • L-Star (+damage)
  • Peacekeeper (-bullets)
  • Charge Rifle (+damage)
  • G7 (+rpm)
  • Wingman (+visual recoil)
Changelog for August 04 / Old Update


  • More detailed 3D gun models/animations
  • Beautiful bullet visuals
  • New loot system
  • Drop system
  • Extended heavy/light/sniper mag attachment (epic/legendary)
  • Arcstar grenade
  • Exchanged gamemode to Solo BR
  • Enemy Legend: Bangalore
  • Healing item animations
  • Ammo now gets sorted into your inventory
  • First two temporary badges for 10/15 kills


  • Replaced years old King's Canyon buildings with new structures
  • Muzzleflash now appears at constant position
  • ADS aim drift reduced by factor 3 (View Bobbing irrelevant :D)
  • New Deathbox level indicator. Deathboxes can now be 'quick opened' by hit
  • Bot legends are easier to defeat
  • Certain abilities now are used by hitting the ground
  • Players drop without shield HP, like enemies
  • Exchanged 2x HCOG scope with 2x AOG Scope
  • Various small changes


  • TPP reload sounds on older weapons
  • Removed Caustic's gas immunity
  • Loba's tactical tp works now for solo legends
  • Increased bot movement speed in water


  • Laser Sight attachment
  • Ultimate recharger
  • Energy weapons/Shotguns/Hemlok/Charge Rifle/Bocek


  • Bot auto weapons (-damage)
  • R-99 (+damage)
  • Kraber (-clip size, +spawn rate)
  • Base clip size adjusted for Extended Mags
Download links
Apex Legends World[mcworld, 16.43 Mb]
Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10
2 127
  1. How do I downlpad it
  2. noice ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘Œ
  3. DT try not to make something amazing ( impossible )
  4. No avatar image Tempo
    My thing is that when I aim down sight it is off and not center so aiming is hard
    1. DT. profile avatar DT.
      Yes, I've seen this once. Fortunately the screen parameters are properly for a vast majority.
  5. Even Though I did not Even Play And Watch Apex legends I enjoyed playing In Your project,, yet I still didn't win Gonna play next time tho,, keep up the great work
    1. Sorry For my English I'm not really good at it
      1. DT. profile avatar DT.
        Thanks. Your English is adequate.
  6. great work, but bro, the game is dead
    1. DT. profile avatar DT.
      Weird comment. But Minecraft is not dead.
      1. Eabidak profile avatar Eabidak
        he probably meant the apex legends mobile version (the mobile version got discontinued recently like a few months ago lol)
        1. DT. profile avatar DT.
          Yeah, I played & loved it. But this map here is as old as the PC version. Besides, how is the state of some game relevant for a MC map XD