Unlock All 129 Minecraft Achievements On This Map (Bedrock 1.21): Fast & Easy!

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Fast and Easy Achievements: Unlock all the achievements in Minecraft Bedrock with minimal time investment. Works seamlessly on both PC and Mobile versions of the game.

Looking to conquer all the achievements in Minecraft Bedrock?

This achievement map is your one-stop solution!

Here's what makes it awesome:

  • Fast and Easy Achievements: Unlock all the achievements in Minecraft Bedrock with minimal time investment.
  • Wide Compatibility: Works seamlessly on both PC and Mobile versions of the game.
  • Up-to-date: This map was last updated on June 20th, ensuring it covers all the latest achievements.

Get ready to rack up those achievements in record time!

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  • Survival Mode Only (No Cheats/Behavior Packs)
  • Difficulty: Normal or Hard

Map Layout:

  • Spawn: Looking at the Update Board
  • Left: Alphabetical Order
  • Right: Main Achievements Room
  • Behind You: New Achievements

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Spawn Room:

Spawn Room: Screenshot

Alphabetical Order Room:

Find achievements by letter!

Alphabetical Order Room: Screenshot

Achievement Room:

Achievements: A-Z up to the newest achievements.

Achievement Room: Screenshot

Content Creator Room:

A few modifications to make it easier to show off the map.

Content Creator Room: Screenshot

Now, for the moment you've been waiting for! I've added all the achievements you can currently earn in the game. We'll begin with a look at some of the easier ones first!

Taking Inventory:

Which you get just by opening your inventory.

Taking Inventory: Screenshot

Getting Wood:

Which you get just by punching a tree until a block of wood pops out.

Getting Wood: Screenshot

The Beginning:

Which you get by killing the Wither.

It's extremely hard for the Wither to kill you in the armor, and you can one-shot him with the weapon.

The Beginning: Screenshot 1

The Beginning: Screenshot 2

The Beginning: Screenshot 3

Wax on, Wax off:

Which you get by applying and removing wax from all the copper blocks.

Wax on, Wax off: Screenshot 1

Wax on, Wax off: Screenshot 2

Having trouble with one of these? Don't sweat it! This achievement is super easy and can be completed quickly.

Hot Tourist Destination

Sail the 7 Seas

Adventuring Time

Biome Achievements: Screenshot 1

Biome Achievements: Screenshot 2

With our powers combined!

With our powers combined: Screenshot

Birthday Song:

Birthday Song: Screenshot

Smithing With Style:

Smithing With Style: Screenshot

And so much more!

Spot a Bug? Help Me Fix It!

If you run into any issues while playing the map, please let me know! I appreciate your help in making the experience even better for everyone. You can report bugs by leaving a comment on this website or in the YouTube video comments section.


Important Download Notice:

For your safety, please only download this map from the official ModBay website or directly from the link in my YouTube video description. Maps downloaded from other websites may be tampered with and could potentially harm your device.

I recommend looking up a YouTube guide on how to get Minecraft maps on the device that you are playing on.

Updated on June 20

Update 1.1.6 A-1: What's new?


  • Added all the new achievements for 1.21.
  • Updated the new achievements to make them better and easier to get.

Automatic Achievement Area:

  • Updated some of the achievements that are currently added.
  • Added a few new ones to each category.
  • For a total of 50 achievements you can earn in the automatic achievement area.
  • I will be adding more achievements to it in the near future.
v1.1.5 / April 20 / Old Update

Update 1.1.5: What's new?

New Feature: Testing Room (Early Access)

  • Added a new room dedicated to testing a faster method for unlocking achievements!
  • This is still under development, so you might encounter bugs or functionality that isn't quite there yet.

What to expect:

  • Faster achievement progress: This room lets you test a new system designed to speed up unlocking achievements.
  • Limited Achievements: Currently, only a few achievements are available in the testing room.
  • Early access: This is an early look, so expect some bugs and quirks.
  • Your feedback will be crucial in helping us improve the system!
  • Give it a try and let us know what you think!
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