Night Walk: A Short Horror Map

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Night Walk is a short Minecraft Bedrock Edition horror map created by SpaceHusky which follows the story of The Mental Hospital 1 & 2. You go for a walk late at night, but you never return. Did you get kidnapped? If you haven't played TMH 1 & 2 I suggest you play them to understand this map or don't, you can do anything with your time!


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In this map, you go for a walk late at night because your friends forgot your birthday, and you go for a walk to clear your mind. They try reaching you the day after, apologizing for forgetting, but you don't answer. 3 days later, a search party goes searching for you. What happened to you? Well, you get taken somewhere else in the forest and your goal is to find a way out! Or can you get out? You never returned home, so is there a possible way to leave that part of the forest?

Find the secret exit for a way out and the full story... (HINT: Summon the spirit...)


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