Hunt of the Husky REMASTERED

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Hunt of the Husky REMASTERED is a version of Hunt of the Husky that is remade from scratch! It is mostly the same as the original, but better!

Hunt of the Husky REMASTERED is a Minecraft map created by SpaceHusky and is a parkour map that will make you rage so hard, you might want to have a pillow near you just in case you want to throw your device! (Note: Please don't throw your device)

Hunt of the Husky REMASTERED is a harder version that the original!


Permission for ModBay:

SpaceHusky permission for ModBay

What's better in the remastered version?

  1. It looks better.
  2. It has better gameplay.
  3. It is way more difficult.
  4. You actually get your dog instead of going through 2 other locations!


You say goodnight to your husky and go to bed... you wake up shocked to see that he isn't in the house... you look around the neighborhood but no luck... you put up flyers with a picture of your dog, a reward and a phone number. You go back home crying, thinking you will never see him again... A couple of weeks pass, and you get a call from an unknown number... You get excited as you think it will be someone giving you your dog back. You get happy and answer the call. But that happiness goes away right after... The person doesn't want the $500 prize, he wants to see you suffer in a dangerous parkour challenge. Are you up for the challenge? ;)


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