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The Minecraft ecosystem, known for its rich diversity and endless exploration opportunities, is further enriched by the introduction of the Carlos Addon. This addon presents Carlos, a goose with the extraordinary ability to bring music and safety to players in a unique way. Carlos represents a fusion of entertainment and utility, enhancing the player's experience with both musical interludes and combat support.

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The distinctive feature of Carlos lies in the special guitar designed for player interaction. When the player uses this guitar near Carlos, it plays one of four random songs, providing a vibrant soundtrack to the Minecraft experience. This musical interaction distinguishes Carlos from other entities, offering players an innovative way to enjoy the game's audiovisual landscape.

In addition to his musical affinity, Carlos exhibits a protective instinct. He bravely combats hostile mobs, adding an element of security for players as they navigate through Minecraft's myriad challenges. This protective nature positions Carlos as a valuable ally, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable exploration experience.

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Carlos is not bound to any specific habitat; he can be encountered in any area with grass, enhancing the likelihood of meeting him during your adventures. This accessibility ensures that Carlos can accompany players across the vast expanses of the Minecraft world, offering his unique blend of music and protection wherever you go.

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Gaining Carlos's loyalty is a simple and rewarding process. By offering him any type of seeds, Carlos will become a loyal companion, following the player and providing company and defense on their journey.

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Crafting Recipes:

Player's Guitar:

  • Description: This unique guitar allows the player to play one of four random songs when used near Carlos, activating his musical feature. This guitar is specifically tailored for interactions with Carlos, emphasizing his role as a musical companion in the game.

Player's Guitar Recipe

Goose Meat:

  • Description: Upon defeat, Carlos drops Goose Meat, a novel food item that players can cook and consume. This introduces a unique aspect of survival into the game, providing a new food source derived from interacting with Carlos.
  • Saturation: 6

Cooked Goose Meat Recipe


This addon is a collaborative creation by a team of passionate individuals dedicated to introducing innovative and engaging content to the Minecraft community. Carlos stands as a testament to their creativity, hard work, and commitment to enhancing the player experience.


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