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Sometimes, items that are dropped don't disappear after 5 minutes. This causes the game to slow down because of all the extra stuff. This cool mod is made to solve that problem.


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Item Delete Filter

In the old versions, it would remove all items that fell to the ground, even diamonds. But now, it removes useless items like gravel, netherrack, granite, etc.

Optimized Drop

Optimized Drop

When you dig or defeat enemies, lots of items drops all over the place, which can make the game slow down. So, the game makes all the scattered things come together in one spot.

Infinite Night Vision

In the previous version, I added infinite night vision, which people didn't like, so I added a custom night potion & milk bucket. When you don't want night vision, just use the infinite milk bucket.

How it works?

It clears all dropped items and loot from zombies, creepers, skeletons, and spiders. Also, it deletes the experience orbs & projectile arrows within 6 minutes.

Warning System

It gives you a warning before 1 minute, then 15 seconds, then 5 seconds.

Lag Clear Setup Done

All Ground Items will Delete

How to Setup?

Just active resources pack & behavior pack. It will automatically start.

Does it work in multiplayer or with other addons?

Yes, it works with multiplayer & all addons!

Creator Advice

It will delete your stuff if you die. Use keep inventory!

Check this video

(For more Clear info)

Updated on February 16

  • Added filter, so you never lose your important stuff.
  • Updated the download links.
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