Unfair Parkour

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This map is the perfect blend of challenge and fun, with its unique minigames and troll encounters. It offers a one-of-a-kind Minecraft experience that you won't find anywhere else. Give it a try!

This is a linear parkour map with 11 levels of parkour challenges of increasing difficulty. Travel through the beautiful, but broken lands as each level showcases a unique take on the different biomes of Minecraft. Follow the story of Rowan as you try to reunite him with his friend Julia after she was mysteriously kidnapped. The foul kidnapper escaped with through portals of a forgotten civilization connecting the far reaches of the continent, but he destroyed the paths in his wake. Parkour the different terrain, find clues, solve puzzles and view story cutscenes as you try to reach your friend in distress.


  • 11 parkour levels of increasing difficulty.
  • 4 escape room puzzles.
  • 11 story cutscenes.
  • Environmental storytelling with each parkour level.

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Note: This map is currently in early development

Updated on November 30

What's Fresh in Unfair Parkour 1.0.8?

Graphical and Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Smoother Font:Immerse yourself in a refined visual experience with an improved font that adds a touch of elegance to Unfair Parkour.
  • Crystal-Clear Glass: Witness the landscape in all its glory with clear glass, offering an unobstructed view and elevating your parkour adventure.
  • Polished Armour Stand Model: The armour stand model receives a facelift, boasting improved aesthetics for a more immersive environment.
  • Reward System Reimagined: Experience a fair and balanced reward system, enhancing the enjoyment of your parkour challenges.
  • Gold Nuggets Currency:Uncover a new in-game currency, Gold Nuggets! Collect them to unlock exclusive rewards and enrich your parkour journey.
  • Refined Bonus System:Additional rewards have been carefully adjusted in minigames and bonus cutscenes to ensure a harmonious and challenging experience.

Keep Parkouring!

-The Unfair Parkour Team

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