Secret Underground House

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Explore and survive in this secret subway base, where you will find everything you need to start your survival adventure.

The house has a 100% functional elevator that allows you to move to different areas, such as the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living room, among others.

In addition, to open or close the secret main door, you will need a special key that you only have to press to operate it. In case, for some reason, you don't have the key, you can easily obtain it with the following command: /give @s add:key

Finally, you can visit the chest area, where you will also find a computer to access all the security cameras in the house.

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CREADOR: Andiuber
FACEBOOK: @AndiuberOficial
TWITTER: @AndiuberOficial
YOUTUBE: Andiuber
PAYPAL: paypal.me/Andiuber



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Updated on May 19


  • The durability of the security camera computer has been significantly increased to prevent its rapid destruction.
  • When destroying the computer, you will now receive the necessary item to place it in the location of your choice.
  • Fixed some sound bugs that occurred when switching between cameras.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to the code to improve the stability and functionality of the system.
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