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Welcome to the world of Pokédrock! This addon have a combat system, mounts and real evolutions. If you want to enjoy the full experience of the addon, activate the experimental game mode!

The post has not been fully updated. We will update it in parts.

Table Of Contents


Creator: Zacek el Serpentín (Twitter), Discord server: Click

Permission for Modbay:

Permission for ModBay.

This addon is compatible with the second and third generation addon.

Don't forget to activate all Experimental options:

Active all experimental options.

Starter guide

First steps

Professor Oak will greet you at the start of the game.

Didn't get a Button A or a greeting from Professor Oak? Yes, it happens sometimes. There are two options. Activate cheats and any of the commands:

  • /give @s serp:button_a
  • /function reset

Welcome message.

Then you will be asked to choose Generation.

Which generation will you choose.

After that, choose the Pokemon you like:

  • Balbasaur
  • Charmander
  • Squirtle
  • Pikachu

Which starter will you choose.

Confirm your choice.

The professor will praise you:

Professor: good choice!

And then you will get a Welcome Kit:

Welcome kit.

You can summon Pokemon and return it to the inventory again:

  • To summon Pokemon, you need to use Compass. Read more here.
  • To return, you need to sneak and use Compass

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to catch Pokemon?

Throw Pokeball in the Pokemon and wait. If you successfully catch him, yellow stars will appear. By the way, Pokemons will run away from you! To attract him, use Fluffy tail.

Updated 11 December: previously, you had to aim a little higher to hit. Now you need to aim exactly at the Pokemon.

Try to catch pokemon with pokeball.

Go to the pokeball and press the Take button.

Taking catched Pokemon.


Catched Pikachu.

By the way, there are 16 types of Pokeballs in total. If you want to catch Pokemon with a 100% chance, use Master Ball.

How to heal a wounded Pokemon?

Use Drinks, Potions or Berries. You can use them right in the middle of a battle.

My Pokemon is Fainted, what should I do?

Pokemon will release particles, sit down or close its eyes and shake. There are two options for what to do next:

  1. Use Revive to restore it
  2. Return Fainted Pokemon to inventory and spend 1, 2, 3 or 4 levels. Use the Healing Machine to revive the Pokemon from inventory. It's free. This mechanism can be found in Pokemon Center or crafted. Nurse Joy is standing nearby.

Healing Machine in Pokemon center.

How to upgrade Pokemon?

You need VS Seeker. You can evolve Pokemon in one of the following ways:

You can also use Mega Ring or Dynamax Band, this will greatly, but temporarily upgrade the Pokemon.

How to attract Pokemons?

When you are catching Pokemons, they run away. Buy a Fluffy Tail at RotoMarket or Pokestore for 30 Poke Dollars. Hold Fluffy Tail in your hands to attract wild Pokemons.

Fluffy Tail.

Poke Toy attracts tamed Pokemons. Tamed Pokemons always follow the player, but with Poke Toy they will not move a step away. Unfortunately, the item is only available in the Creative.

Poke Toy.

More tips and info

What's next?

By the way:

  • When you die, you lose items (Septembers update)
  • While fishing, you can catch 3 Pokemons
  • While fishing, you can catch Berries, Poke Dollars, Pokeballs

The Pokemon world is full of features. You can always ask a question in Discord.

Food, Plants and Drinks


This tree is generated as a structure in overworld. The sapling can be planted on grass or dirt.

Showcase of Berry Tree.

Berry trees can drop different types of Berries, which you can be used to treat Pokemon, craft Rare Candy or you can eat it yourself. Different berries have different effects. For example, an unusual Enigma berry: eat it and it will move you to a random place nearby.

Berri tree and 14 berries.

Break the leaves and you will get berries. Up to 2 Berry Seeds drops from the top of the tree.

Berry trees seeds.

You can speed up growing with Mulch.

You can also get berries: after defeating a Trainer, while fishing, or for completing a mission with a Trainer in Rotom-Communicator.


Apricorns are plants. But when mulching, they will give fruit. The mentioned fruits can be used to create pokeballs.


For cultivation, you now need water nearby. Prepare the farmland with Hoe. Planting Apricorns, you will get the same color as you planted. Now there are no Apricorn Seeds, you need to plant Apricorns.

Apricorns on Farmland.

There are 9 different types of apricorns:

Full list of Apricorns.

Unfortunately, Apricorns cannot be eaten. They are used in crafting Pokeballs.

You can speed up growing with Mulch.


Speed up the growth of Berries and Apricorns. You can craft or buy it from Pokestore or RotoMarket. Craft recipe for Mulch:

Craft recipe for Mulch.


You can drink drinks yourself or treat Pokemon:

  • Name: health points for Pokemons / nutrition for yourself
  • Fresh water: 15 / 2
  • Soda pop: 25 / 6
  • Lemonade: 50 / 4

Drinks can be found at Pokestop, Pokestore or Rotomarket. If you don't need them, you can sell them for Poke Dollars in Pokestore or RotoMarket.

List of Drinks.


Potions restore Pokemon Health points:

  • Potion: 10
  • Super Potion: 30
  • Hyper Potion: 60
  • Max Potion: 999

Potions can be caught while Fishing, found in Pokestop, bought in Pokestore or RotoMarket. You can also sell them in RotoMarket or Pokestore for Poke Dollars.

List of Potions.

Pokemon center

Now across the map the Pokémon center will appear! A place where you can rest as well as heal your Pokémon. This building is only a test, and according to its good reception it will be decided whether to add more buildings and improve it or remove it completely. The building has:

Pokemon center.


Go to the Pokemon Center and turn right. All items are buys and sells for Poke Dollars. All offers coincide with RotoMarket offers. Changes the set of items every 30 seconds:

  1. Buys your Potions, Drinks, Clothing Tickets, Bike Pass, Ride Pass, Revives, Factor X, or Factor Y
  2. Sells Potions and Drinks
  3. Sells suits. For 10 Clothing Tickets you can buy any item of clothing from 4 suit sets
  4. Sells different Pokeballs
  5. Sells other items: Peluche Clefairy, Mulch, Fluffy Tail, Rarecandy, Pokeball Base, Clothing Ticket, Repels, and Revives and Max Revives

Go to the Pokestore and click Trade:


You can also exchange these passes at Pokestore:

Exchanging passes to bike or ride pager.

Just hold the Pass in your hand and press Fulfilled!

Exchanging bike pass to bike.

Officer Jenny

Go to the Pokemon Center and turn left. Officer Jenny will return the items to you if you have lost them.

  1. Press the Talk button
  2. Crouch and press the Change button to change the item over Jenny's head
  3. When you see the desired item, stop Crouch and press Take
  4. If you are not cheating, Jenny will return the lost item

Officer Jenny.

Items she can return:

Healing Machine

You can now individually heal your weakened Pokemon. It's free. Also you can pick machine up by interacting with it while crouching.

Healing machine.

Craft recipe for Healing Machine, use Coal block:

Craft recipe for Healing Machine.


The Rotom-Communicator is a machine that will help you to do different missions, obtain key objects or other objects impossible to obtain in any other way, look for them in each Pokémon center!


You can bring Wishing Star, Key Stone or Rare Candy Bowl here. How to use:

  1. Click on the Activate button
  2. If you want to give a Rare Candy Bowl, click on the Fulfilled! button with candies in hands. You will receive a prize: from 5 to 10 Poke Dollars, 1 random Berry and a random prize Clothing Tickets, X Factor, Y Factor, Bike Pass or Ride Pass.
  3. If you want to give the Wishing Star or the Key Stone, you need to switch to Professor Oak: Crouch and press the Change button.
  4. Now give the subject to the professor Oak with the Fulfilled! button

Updated: You can also give Feather to Goh and get an item to summon the legendary Pokemon.

Professor Oak in Rotom-Communicator.

Nitwit villager

Nitwit Villager can sell you the following products:

Nitwit villager.

How to summon Legendary Pokemon

You can summon one of the three legendary Pokemon! First find the Nitwit Villager. Bring him 45 Battle Badge and get "Legendary Evidence from first generation".

Buying Legendary Evidence from first generation.

Open the box and you will receive one of the three items:

  • Frozen Feather
  • Electric Feather
  • Fire Feather


Bring this item to the Rotom-Communicator. Switch to Goh using crouching and the Change button. Exchange the item: click Fulfilled! and you will get:

  • Articuno offering
  • Zapdos offering
  • Moltres offering

Exchanging with Goh.

Now you need to find the Hoopa Ring. It spawns everywhere.

Hoopa Ring.

Take the offering item, catch up with the Hoopa Ring and hit it. You will see the legendary Pokemon in front of you!

Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.

Team rocket and trainers

Watch out! Team Rocket and trainers is here. You can start a Pokemon duel to get a prize. Ready? Use VS Seeker on Trainer and throw your Pokemon at the enemy. The duel will begin! Use VS Seeker and abilities to attack. Read more about the Battle System here. Don't forget that you can use different power-ups during the battle:

Most likely, the Trainer will call several Pokemon in turn. Be ready! With a 10% probability, he can summon Mega or Dynamax Pokemon.

If you win, the trainer will give you several Poke Dollars and up to 4 Battle Badge.

Battle Badge.

Team Rocket buys Slowpoke Tail for 32 Poke Dollars and Shellder Shell for 16 Poke Dollars. To get these items, you have to find and kill the corresponding Pokemon.

Team rocket and trainers.

Tools and Items

Compass (old: Pokedex)

Compass allows you to summon a Pokemon, find out information or ride it. You will receive a Compass in the Welcome Kit.

Screenshot of Compass.

To use it, long press anywhere or on the Pokemon. This will open the menu:

Compass menu.

  1. Pokemon. 6 Pokemon storage slots.

    How to summon pokemons with compass.

    How to unsummon pokemons with compass.

  2. Pokedex. Here you can find information about Pokemon. You choose gen1 or gen2 or gen3, scroll through and look for the Pokemon you need. Here you can also see information about the height and weight of your Pokemon.

    Pokedex: info about pokemons.

Crafting recipe for Compass (Pokedex). Most likely, you will not need it, since you will receive Compass in the Welcome Kit. If you lose a Compass, Officer Jenny at Pokemon Center will give you another one.

Craft recipe for Compass.

VS Seeker and Battle System

Now VS Seeker has more features.

VS Seeker.

Starting Trainers battle has not changed: interact with the trainer using VS Seeker.

In the new Battle System, to attack, you should summon your Pokemon and throw it directly at the enemy. This will put the tag "on_fight" and the battle will begin.

Starting battle with pokemon.

Click on the Pokemon and you will see the control window:

  • Skill 1,2,3: each Pokemon has 3 skills that can be activated to attack
  • Attack Mobs: Pokemon attacks the nearest mob. Suitable for a battle with a trainer
  • Activate: activates an item on the Pokemon in offhand. For example, Mega Ring or Dynamax Band
  • iEvolve!: in a separate section. Evolve Pokemon using Player Level or Evo Stone

Interface of VS Seeker.

Use one of three attacks to choose from. In the battle, you will take turns to beat. All attacks will be displayed in the chat. You will see the Pokemon's name and damage.

Battle chat.


Use the apricorns to make the base and caps of the pokéballs! Follow the patterns to make the one that corresponds.

Craft recipe for pokeball base.

Craft recipe for pokeball up.

Craft recipe for greatball up.

Craft recipe for ultraball up.

Combine the bases, caps, and a stone button in their corresponding order to make the pokéballs!

Craft recipe for pokeball.

Craft recipe for greatball.

Craft recipe for ultraball.

Different Pokeballs have different catch rate. If you want a 100% chance of catching Pokemon, use Master Ball. You can buy Master Ball in RotoMarket or Pokestore.

Revive and Max Revive

Revive — Useful item, you can:


1. Restore Fainted Pokemon. If your Pokemon is Fainted, you can apply Revive on it. It will recover and get some health. Don't forget to fully restore his health before sending into battle again.

2. Restore health. Apply it under you, particles will appear around you, and your health will be restored.

3. Totem of Undying you can craft with 4 Revive:

Craft recipe for Totem of Undying.

4. You can also craft Max Revive with 9 Revive. Max Revive has no functionality yet.

Craft recipe for Max Revive.

Can be obtained as follows:

Prices for Revive and Max Revive.

Rare Candy bowl

First you need to get the usual Rare Candy. You can craft them, find them in Pokestop or buy them in Pokestore or RotoMarket. Eat a Rarecandy to get 1 level.

Rare Candy.

Craft recipe for Rare Candy. The Battle Badge can be obtained after defeating the Trainer.

Craft recipe for Rare Candy.

But you can use candies more effectively. Eat Bowl of Rare Candies and get 10 levels:

Rare Candy Bowl.

Craft recipe for Rare Candy bowl:

Craft recipe for Rare Candy Bowl.


Use Repel, and wild Pokemon will run away from you:

  • Repel: 50 seconds
  • Super Repel: 100 seconds
  • Max Repel: 150 seconds

Repel, Super Repel and Max Repel.

You can buy Repels in Pokestore or RotoMarket.

Prices for Repels.

Poke Dollars

Just money. You can use them with:

And get:

  • With Welcome Kit
  • Defeating Trainers
  • Completing missions in Rotom-Communicator
  • Fishing
  • With Pokestop
  • Selling Potions and Drinks in Pokestore or RotoMarket
  • Selling Slowpoke Tails and Shellder Shell for Team Rocket

Poke Dollar.

Clothing Tickets

For them, you can buy suits from Pokestore or RotoMarket.

You can get them:

You can also sell them in Pokestore and RotoMarket.

Clothing Tickets.


The addon adds 4 new costumes to the game:

  • Rocket suit
  • Red suit
  • Ash suit
  • Green suit

You can buy them from RotoMarket and Pokestore for Clothing Tickets.

4 suits.

Pokemon Egg

You can find Bad Egg in Pokestop.

Bad egg.

Take the Bad Egg to the Professor Oak in the Rotom-Communicator and get a Pokemon Egg.

Pokemon egg.

Take Pokemon Egg to a Personal Laboratory. You have a small chance to get Pokemon.

Craft recipe for Shulker

Use Shellder Shells:

Craft recipe for Shulker.

Pokemons upgrading

Player levels

Now Pokemon evolve with the help of the player's level. Use iEvolve! button in VS Seeker, it requires 15 lvls for the first evolution, or 20 lvls for the next.

Additionally, to get a level, you can eat:

Evo Stones

Poke Ore will be generated in all caves. Any stone can be obtained from this ore. Only obtainable with a pickaxe of any type.

Poke Ore.

Put the Evo Stone in the offhand. Use VS Seeker on Pokemon and press iEvolve! button.

So far, Evo Stones can only be used on the following Pokemons:

  • Fire stone: Vulpix, Growlithe, Eevee
  • Moon stone: Nidorina, Nidorino, Clefairy, Jigglypuff
  • Water stone: Poliwhirl, Shellder, Eevee
  • Leaf stone: Gloom, Weepinbell, Exeggcute
  • Thunder stone: Pikachu, Eevee

Depending on the stone, the evolution of Eevee will be different.

Full list of Evo Stones.

Mega Ring

First you need to find the Wild Key Ore. It is necessary to use any pickaxe.

Wild Key Ore.

You will get Mega Shards Natural. Melt them in Blast Furnace and you will get Mega Shards Refined.

Furnacing Mega Shards Refined.

Get 9 pieces of Mega Shards Refined and craft Key Stone.

Craft recipe for Key Stone.

Take the Key Stone to Professor Oak in Rotom-Communicator, and in return you will receive a Mega Ring.

How to use: put Mega Ring in offhand, click on Pokemon with VS Seeker and press Activate button.

Mega Ring showcase.

The effect of Mega Ring is temporary. Does not disappear after use. Can be used on the following Pokemon:

  • Mega Ring: Venusaur, Blastoise, Beedrill, Pidgeot, Gengar, Gyarados, Slowbro
  • Mega Ring X: Charizard
  • Mega Ring Y: Charizard

Mega Ring can be disassembled in Disassemble. The resulting Mega Ring Empty can be used in crafting Mega Ring X and Mega Ring Y. Check out the recipes below. Factor X and Y with the recipes below can be obtained by completing Trainers missions in Rotom-Communicator.

Craft recipe for Mega Ring.

Craft recipe for Mega Ring X.

Craft recipe for Mega Ring Y.

Dynamax Band

The most powerful gain! To get Dynamax Band, you need to go to the desert and find Wishing Meteor. Glowstone Dust and Sandstone will often drops, but be patient, at one point you will get a Wishing Star.

Wishing Star.

Next, go to the Rotom-Communicator and give the Wishing Star to Professor Oak. In return, he will give you a Dynamax Band.

How to use: put Dynamax Band in offhand, click on Pokemon with VS Seeker and press Activate button.

A few facts:

  • If you lost it, you can ask Officer Jenny to return it
  • Can be used many times
  • Has a temporary effect
  • Can be used on any Pokemon

Dynamax Band showcase.


If you need to rebuild your Mega Ring, use the disassemble and it will give you the used components.


Craft recipe for Disassemble. Use Coal blocks.

Craft recipe for Disassemble.

Trade Machine

The Trade Machine is a new item that will be used to evolve Pokémon that evolve by trade. In order for the machine to accept the trade, you will have to craft the Pokémon with a rare candy bowl (or the needed item) and it will give you an "tradeable object". In case you change your mind and you don't want to make it evolve you just have to undo the object with a Disassemble.

Trade Machine.

For example you can Evolve The Haunter. Craft the "I'll trade haunter" item from the Haunter and Rare Candy Bowl.

Craft recile for I'll trade haunter item.

Bring it to the Trade Machine and get Gengar.


Crafting recipe for Trade Machine. Use Blocks of Quartz.

Craft recipe for Trade Machine.

Hoopa Ring

We don't know if it will spawn naturally, but you can summon with the command /summon serp:hoopa_ring

  • When you approach the Hoopa Ring, with a 90% chance per second it teleports
  • You have to get close and have time to remove the Hoopa Ring with a special item
  • Read more about summoning legendary Pokemons here

Hoopa Ring.


Poke Ore

Hitting this mineral will give you some Evo Stones and Fossils! A pickaxe of any kind is needed.

Poke ore.

From Poke Ore you will get Evo Stones. They are needed for the evolution of Pokemon. Read more about them here.

You can also get:

  • Dome fossil: you can get Kabuto
  • Helix fossil: you can get Omanyte
  • Ancient Amber: you can get Aerodactyl

To get Pokemon, use a Personal Laboratory.

Fossils and Ancient Amber.

Updated 11 December: added other mining options for Poke Ore:

  • Geodude may be spawned with the 20% chance
  • King's Rock: evolve Poliwhirl to Politoed (gen2)
  • Sun Stone: evolve Gloom into Bellossom (gen2)

Personal Laboratory

A new machine is here, to make the personal laboratory work you must give it any fossil and the machine will work. But beware! There is a 15% chance of failure so you will have to carry more than one fossil with you. You can pick it up by interacting with it while crouching.

Here you can process Fossils, Amber, or Egg.

Personal Laboratory.

Craft recipe for Personal Laboratory.

Wild Key Ore

Hitting this mineral with a small chance will give you Mega Shards Natural! You need a pickaxe of any kind.

This shard is used in getting Mega Ring. Read more here.

Wild Key Ore.

Other mechanisms

Slot machine

Slot machines will take your Poke Dollars and in return they will give you many useful items for your adventure! From sticks and spider webs to diamonds and netherite ingots. You can pick it up by interacting with it while crouching.

Slot machine.

Craft recipe for Slot Machine:

Craft recipe for Slot Machine.


The Rotomarket is a device that works to buy and sell objects, it has basic functions that will be improved in subsequent versions, with better purchases, more expressions and many tips.

The offers are the same as with Pokestore. If you crouch and interact with the RotoMarket, the shopping menu will change. There are 5 modes in total:


Trading with Roto market.

Craft recipe for RotoMarket.

Pokemon center PC

You can use Pokemon center PC for storage. Once owned only you will be able to see what it contains inside.

Storage PC.

When the player approaches, the PC is activated. And deactivated when he leaves.

Pokemon center PC activating.

Craft recipe for Pokemon center PC:

Craft recipe for Pokemon center PC.


New kind of Pokéstop appear on the world which, when Active it, can release a Lot of bubbles that have different things! like money, potions, pokeballs, and more!




The bike is a very useful object for transport, with it you can travel faster, take longer and higher jumps and carry your smallest pokemon in its basket!

You need to get a Bike Pass from Pokestop or by completing Trainer missions in Rotom-Communicator. Go to the Pokemon Center and exchange a Bike Pass for a Bike from Pokestore.

Exchanging Bike pass to Bike.

Pokestore will give you a Bike.


You can put tiny Pokemons in the basket. To do this, you need to run over them.

Bike with Pokemon in basket.

Ride Pager

Now to ride the Pokémon you need to get a Ride Pass from Pokestop or by completing Trainer missions in Rotom-Communicator.

Exchanging Ride pass to Ride pager.

Pokestore will give you a Ride Pager. To use Ride Pager, you need Compass. Read more here.

Update 11 December: now it doesn't work on all Pokemon, but only on the nearest one.

Poke ride.

Riding on Venusaur.


All the Pokemons you can find are listed here. By the way, you can also find a Shiny variant of each of these Pokemon. Maybe you'll get lucky?

  • Bulbasaur location: Every forest
  • Charmander location: Mesa
  • Squirtle location: Warm beach only
  • Caterpie location: Every kind of Forests

Bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle and caterpie.

  • Weedle location: Any kind of Forests
  • Pidgey location: Everywhere
  • Rattata location: Everywhere
  • Spearow location: Everywhere

Weedle, pidgey, rattata and spearow.

  • Ekans location: Swamp
  • Pikachu location: Normal forest only
  • Sandshrew location: Desert
  • Nidoran (female) location: Normal forest only

Ekans, Pikachu, Sandshrew and Nidoran.

  • Nidoran (male) location: Normal forest only
  • Clefairy location: Everywhere (at night)
  • Vulpix location: Every kind of Forests
  • Jigglypuff location: Everywhere (Over stone)

Nidoran, Clefairy, Vulpix and Jigglypuff.

  • Zubat location: Every kind of Caves
  • Oddish location: Birch forest
  • Paras location: Everywhere
  • Venonat location: Normal forest only

Zubat, Oddish, Paras and Venonat.

  • Diglett location: Every kind of Caves
  • Meowth location: Plains
  • Psyduck location: Near of rivers
  • Mankey location: Mesa, Savanna

Diglett, meowth, psyduck and mankey.

  • Growlithe location: Plains
  • Poliwag locations: Rivers
  • Bellsprout location: Any kind of Forests
  • Tentacool location: Ocean (use Fishing Rod)

Growlithe, poliwag, bellsprout and tentacool.

  • Geodude location: Caves
  • Ponyta location: Mesa
  • Slowpoke location: Warm beaches only
  • Magnemite location: Villages

Geodude, Ponyta, Slowpoke and Magnemite.

  • Seel location: Ice ocean only
  • Shellder location: Warm beaches only
  • Gastly location: Everywhere (at night) and caves
  • Drowzee location: Dark forest

Seel, Shellder, Gastly and Drowzee.

  • Exeggcute location: Jungle
  • Cubone location: Savanna
  • Lickitung location: Cherry blossom
  • Koffing location: Villages

Exeggcute, Cubone, Lickitung and Kogging pokemons.

  • Rhyhorn location: Savanna and mesa
  • Chansey location: Savanna
  • Goldeen location: Ocean and rivers
  • Scyther Location: Sunflower Plains

Rhyhorn, Chansey, Goldeen and Scyther pokemons.

  • Tauros location: Savanna
  • Magikarp location: Ocean and rivers
  • Lapras Location: Normal Ocean only
  • Eevee location: Everywhere

Tauros, Magikarp, Lapras and Eevee pokemons.

  • Obtain Omanyte: Revive with personal Laboratory
  • Obtain Kabuto: Revive with personal Laboratory
  • Obtain Aerodactyl: Revive with personal Laboratory
  • Snorlax location: Plains

Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl and Snorlax pokemons.

You can spawn legendary Pokemon according to this instruction. List of legendary Pokemon:

  • Articuno: Mission
  • Zapdos: Mission
  • Moltres: Mission

Articuno, zapdos and moltres.

Rebranding Update July 05

  • Lickitung was added,
  • Koffing Evolutionary line was added,
  • Tauros was added,
  • Tauros and Rhyhorn now have dash instead jump,
  • Linking cord was added,
  • All Pokémon ítems were removed for more optimization,
  • Now pokecenter can spawn without break blocks,
  • Berry tree now spawn without destroy structures,
  • New scripting system,
  • New evolution system,
  • New spawn system,
  • New interfaces for starting system,
  • TM's were added,
  • PC system was added,
  • New interaction menu for all Pokémon,
  • Ivysaur was remodeled,
  • Charmander was remodeled,
  • Squirtle was remodeled,
  • Metapod was remodeled,
  • New hud for party,
  • New interface for Pokédex,
  • New interface for battle menu,
  • Better capture methods,
  • Pokeballs thrown animation was fixed,
  • New capture particles,
  • New camera system,
  • New battle system (All attacks are animated with more than 180 attacks, and will be more in the future),
  • New battle dialogs,
  • Now all NPC can have Pokémon for every generation,
  • Added compatibility with NPC maps,
  • More optimization,
  • Minor bug fixes

Changing the language

Now you can change the language of the Pokédex in the addon resource options! You can choose between Spanish, English and Portuguese!

Changing the language.

Notes from author

It is forbidden to redistribute, edit the files or stole codes of this addon, if you will make a Review please give credits. Apps in the play store and other pages are illegal, please don't support them. mcpedl and www.serpzacek.com are the only official sites.

this addon was uploaded in MCPEDL and www.serpzacek.com, it is not associated with any application such as mods for minecraft pe or platforms other than MCPEDL and www.serpzacek.com

all the entities and objects of this addon are based on the characters from the video game series: Pokémon

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Download SERP Pokédrock base MCADDON
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    Fix IT NOW.
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      I tested this addon and it works. Are you sure that you have activated experimental options and all 4 packages? 2 packages for base and 2 packages for gen1. You can always ask a question on the Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/66ND89Yc3p . By the way, we also sometimes answer questions there.
    2. Same
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    Please note that Pokemon can no longer be spawned just by clicking. You need to use Pokedex. For more information, see the article above.
  11.  profile avatarQ profile avatar Q
    The addon is very large. If we missed something, be sure to let us know! We'll fix it quickly.
    1. You did. And it make the addon COMPLETELY UNUSABLE. it appears that the pokedex, button a, pokeballs and the function to reset, don't exist. At least that's my explanation why I can't use it. Or fix it.
    2. Also the names of the rocket people in the trade menu is broken.