Lucky Skyblock

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The classic skyblock map, but with lucky blocks, a total of 8 different lucky blocks that you can find on the 7 different islands, such as the island of the nether, the island of the end, and more.

# How to play:

The only objective is to get the materials and tools necessary to open the portal at the end and kill the dragon.

The lucky blocks drops have been modified and will not generate large structures to avoid damaging the player's buildings, but new small structures and some new item drops were added.

# Screenshots:

Lucky Skyblock: Screenshot 1

Lucky Skyblock: Screenshot 2

Lucky Skyblock: Screenshot 3

Lucky Skyblock: Screenshot 4

Lucky Skyblock: Screenshot 5

Lucky Skyblock: Screenshot 6

On some islands you can find mob spawners.

Lucky Skyblock: Screenshot 7

# Info:

  • Report error to my Discord: Effect99 Community
  • Any suggestions to add in the addon are welcome as long as you send them to me on my Discord
  • There were several updates to this map before, but they were not posted here.
Download links
Lucky Sky-Block (.mcworld)
Lucky Block Addon (.mcaddon)
Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0