Minecraft RPG | Prerelease! 2

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An RPG map for Minecraft Bedrock adventure!


Your character is lost and in a world where you have no idea who you are or where you are. There is a strange mysterious magical creature out there and you must pass his trials and then he will send you home.


  • Top down camera
  • Unfinished!
  • With voice lines!

Minecraft RPG: Screenshot 1

Updated on April 29

  • Added Patreon link (You have to pay fo future betas)
  • Map was updated
Changelog for April 27 / Old Update

Updated on April 27

  • Updated for Minecraft 1.20.80+
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Download Minecraft RPG .mcworld
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Supported versions
  1. To get the betas you must pay
  2. I decide you will have to pay
  3. I am sort of stopping on the project for a little bit working on some other add-ons so it might take even longer I'm not sure
    1. Ignore this I will be updating this on this page for free
      1. I decide that you will have to pay
  4. The finished version may come out in like a month or two I'm not entirely sure