The Exit [Horror]

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The Exit [Horror] Map is where someone suddenly wakes up from his bed, but it turns out he woke up in an abandoned hospital. There are many scary things in that hospital.

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The hospital holds many mysteries as well as many very strange things. There is a lot of blood splattered and the most terrifying thing is that there are 3 very strange and scary entities. Hurry and get out of there as quickly as possible!!!


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Photos of Map The Exit [Horror]:

Slendrina comes back to this map!!!

Slendrina: Screenshot

Slendrina appears on this map and will haunt players in this abandoned hospital!!!

Find the 3 levers to activate the lights and activate the elevator...

3 Levers: Screenshot

Find the 3 levers and activate the lights and elevator in the generator room!

Jeff The Killer

Jeff The Killer: Screenshot

Run from the pursuit of Jeff the killer, remember!!! Don't get caught by him. Find 1 key and 1 axe, to get out of the main door on the bottom floor. Jeff The Killer can be found on the 2nd floor. Be careful.


Let's play The Exit [Horror] now! Feel the horror and be chased by Jeff The Killer. Remember!!! People who have heart disease are prohibited from playing this map!!!

Updated on April 16

  • Missing key texture packs have been fixed
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