MagicalCraft - Dungeons, Bosses and New Villages!

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MagicalCraft is a map with new dungeons, renewed villages and villagers and bosses, making Minecraft survival much more dynamic, if you are looking to create a new world but want more adventure, you are in the right place. I recommend you read all the sections.


As said, MagicalCraft has a lot of content on dungeons, bosses, villages and more, all thanks to the addons that are mentioned at the end of the publication giving their respective credits.

We will see each novelty in a different section.

Bosses banner.



Captain Jack

Captain Jack has spent his whole life and will not stop until he finds the sabanur's staff and uses it to do disastrous things, someone must stop him.

Boss: Captain Jack.

Sogun Samurai

Shogun is the highest command of a samurai, he is the leader of the samurai clan, only his fame is not exactly that they are good.

Boss: Sogun Samurai.

The Sabanur Megaboss

The Sabanur has been asleep for more than a thousand years, but he has already awakened and with one goal, to conquer the world with his staff.

Megaboss: the Sabanur Megaboss.

The Mushroom Elf Boss

After being banished from Mushroom City for her forbidden experiments, Mushroom Elf enslaved an entire village and plans to attack Mushroom Village.

Boss: The Mushroom Elf.

Ursula Witch

Ursula a citizen who messed with black magic, making her the most powerful Witch in the world and thus corrupting her..

Boss: Ursula Witch.

Kings of Atlantis Bosses

The Kings of Atlantis severed ties with the surface world after they used their citizens as slaves, not heard of for a long time.

Kings of Atlantis Bosses.

Night King Megaboss

He was born when darkness was created, leading the army of gargoyles, he seeks to turn the world into eternal night.

Megaboss: Night King.

Icealoger Boss

The Iceologer, who was shunned by his people for being someone different from them, created an army of ice golems and so on with his own hands, seeking revenge.

Boss: Icealoger.

Son of The Dragon Megaboss

The first born son of some dragons, the one chosen to conquer the world and defeat the Sabanur, being the strongest boss of all.

Megaboss: Son of The Dragon.

There are more bosses from the Addon Spry Conquest by Grimm, they just won't be featured here.

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Dungeons loot.

Explanation of image statistics:

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  • Dungeon Difficulty
  • Dungeon Location

Table of loots.

Pirate ship

Captain Jack's ship, in search of the Universal Staff, with skeleton troops and archer pirates.

Dungeon: Pirate ship.

Samurai base

The Samurai Dojo, where the most agile ninjas in the world train led by the Sogun Samurai

Dungeon: Samurai base.

Pyramid of the Sabanur

Pyramid where the Sabanur has been sleeping all this time, full of guards and ancient pharaohs.

Dungeon: Pyramid of the Sabanur.

Mushroom Empire

Radioactive zone by the experiments of the Mushroom Elf, full of mutated mushrooms and mushroom sorceresses.

Dungeon: Mushroom Empire.

No Mans Land

No Man's Land, where once was a war zone between peoples, today is an abandoned area filled with the souls of deceased warriors.

Dungeon: No Mans Land.

Tower of the Ursula Witch

The Magic Tower, full of Dark Magic, place where Ursula performs her rituals.

Dungeon: Tower of the Ursula Witch.


The Richest Nation of all Atlantis, carrying out its plan to invade the surface, releasing its largest sea monsters.

Dungeon: Atlantis.

Abandoned Cortana Base

Base where all of Cortana's Town War supplies are located, only now it's filled with mutated spiders.

Dungeon: Abandoned Cortana Base.

Gargoyle Kingdom

Gargoyle Tower, where darkness rules, and the gargoyles and wither skeletons are pawns of The Dark King.

Dungeon: Gargoyle Kingdom.

Iceologer Village

Iceologer town, a town raised by the iceologer himself, gradually creating his own army.

Dungeon: Iceologer Village.

Paladin Castle

Castle of the Paladins, warriors in armor forged from the strongest metal in the world, led by the trio of Forged Paladins

Dungeon: Paladin Castle.

Island of the Dragons

Place that is an urban legend, but it is a reality, the paradise where dragons rule with their God, The Son of Dragons.

Dungeon: Island of the Dragons.

Villager Banner.

Villages and Villagers

Villages and Villagers

New Villages that are anywhere in the world and you can find to interact with the villagers.

Types of Villages.

The villagers of each village depend on which biome they are in! They will give you a good welcome and have a special interaction system.

First screenshot about interactive villagers.

Second screenshot about interactive villagers.

Third screenshot about interactive villagers.

If you want to know the locations of all the structures here they are: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0ywuaq8zelktpkr/Locations_MagicalCraft.txt/file


Screenshot 1.

Screenshot 2.

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Thanks to the creators of the addons for letting me use them with their authorization and use them to create this wonderful map that I hope everyone will like.

Custom NPC 5.6 by GabriielCraft - This addon was used for the configuration of Bosses, Villagers and some various monsters.

Custom NPC 5.6 by GabriielCraft.

Spry Conquest by Grimm - To give more variety to the Dungeons I decided to choose this addon since it is one of the best in both fantasy mobs and bosses.

Spry Conquest by Grimm.

Elite Structures by dreampixel - I used this addon for some structures as I found them great and made things easier several times.

Halo333 NPCS - This addon is only used for the NPC interaction interface, for its convenience and the text space it can have

Real thanks to the creators of these addons!

I hope you enjoy the map and I plan to do an update with a Dungeons in the Nether and End dimensions!

A new world banner.


Instruction of installation.

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