MagicalCraft - Dungeons, Bosses and New Villages!

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MagicalCraft is a map with new dungeons, renewed villages and villagers and bosses, making Minecraft survival much more dynamic, if you are looking to create a new world but want more adventure, you are in the right place. I recommend you read all the sections.


As said, MagicalCraft has a lot of content on dungeons, bosses, villages and more, all thanks to the addons that are mentioned at the end of the publication giving their respective credits.

We will see each novelty in a different section.

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If you want to know the locations of all the structures here they are: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0ywuaq8zelktpkr/Locations_MagicalCraft.txt/file


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Thanks to the creators of the addons for letting me use them with their authorization and use them to create this wonderful map that I hope everyone will like.

Custom NPC 5.6 by GabriielCraft - This addon was used for the configuration of Bosses, Villagers and some various monsters.

Custom NPC 5.6 by GabriielCraft.

Spry Conquest by Grimm - To give more variety to the Dungeons I decided to choose this addon since it is one of the best in both fantasy mobs and bosses.

Spry Conquest by Grimm.

Elite Structures by dreampixel - I used this addon for some structures as I found them great and made things easier several times.

Halo333 NPCS - This addon is only used for the NPC interaction interface, for its convenience and the text space it can have

Real thanks to the creators of these addons!

I hope you enjoy the map and I plan to do an update with a Dungeons in the Nether and End dimensions!

A new world banner.


Instruction of installation.

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1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0
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