Find The Button

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Find the button - Exciting mini-game! Explore locations and get "Paradise Delight"! I hope you can at least! (Because our tester had to spend 3 hours to find the button)...


Location 1 - "Mesa"! There are very high temperatures and a lot of deception. Naturally, as always... You have to find the button...

Find The Button: Mesa Location

Location 2 - "Frosty North"! It's very cold in here, so you must wear a hat! As always, your goal is to find the button!

Find The Button: Frosty North Location

Location 3 - "Desert"! Yes! It's just a desert... You have to explore the temples to find the button! "(It's not there)"

Find The Button: Desert Location

You can see other locations after downloading the map... What are you waiting for?

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If you will use our modifications, texture packs and our other works in the video, then leave the original ModBay link in the description!

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[1.20.70] Find The Button.mcworld[mcworld, 891.14 Kb]
[1.20.70] Find The[zip, 891.14 Kb]
[1.16] Find The Button.mcworld
[1.16] Find The
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