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Protect the core from zombie waves during the night. Build walls, hunt for food, sell the loot and buy various defenses, automatic turret, water purificator, upgrade the core, buy better equipment and try to resist the zombies from destroying the core as much as you can!


You find a way to avoid the zombie's infection, you're an engineer who has created a machine named "the core" to destroy any zombie bacteria particle so even if you die you can respawn. You got away from civilization since the invasion started and because the people would become crazy if they know you created this. Unfortunately, the zombies always find a way to you, in order to protect the core you'll have to make defense around it, rise walls, buy some automatic defensive turret for the survivor's camp, and don't forget to drink as you might be thirsty. Now there's only one question, how far will you protect the core from being destroyed by the zombies?

Map Trailer (1.0.0)

Welcome to ZyDefense

A new mini-game map [-Base Defense-]

After launching the map, you will see a small light at the end of the room. It's not the moon. Come and click on the button. You will find yourself on spawn.

Go to the building on your left. Use the long tab (or right-click on PC) to open the doors.

The doors at the spawn.

On the left, you will see a robot and a book. Check out and learn a lot of useful things.


As soon as you are ready to play, click on "Start" on the big picture. Your duty is simple, protect the core from being destroyed by the zombies, or you'll lose.

Simply duty: protect the core.

The core is fragile, if zombies destroy it the game is finished and will reset. You can buy some defensive turrets and equipment at the survivor's camp, you might need to upgrade the core to buy more defense of the same type.

Defend the core.

You can find an in-game tutorial in the house at the spawn, it will briefly explain to you how the game work and what you'll have to do. This map is multiplayer compatible, you can play alone or with friends, but being more doesn't mean it will be easier :}

Krogue is the final boss, he will appear at the night 100, you might need to be well prepared

Quick gameplay video (from beta)

You can purchase bonuses in the house at the spawn

Bonuses at the spawn.

More in-game screenshots

A view from the survivor's camp:

Survivors camp.

The survivor's shop:

Survivors shop.

The Core is being attacked by a zombie:

The core is being attacked.

The Spawn:

The spawn.

Join my discord server, I will host games for future updates! You can also ask questions, and send feedback and bugs.

The ad step on the download link is meant to support me and my work as it takes a lot of time to make free content like this.

Updated on July 23

  • Fixed a big issue making the world unable to play and crashing the device because of the latest Minecraft version (1.20.10)
  • Changed player inventory to fix the issue
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Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50
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    is it possible to put this card on the server? I want to put spigot on my home server. an error occurs when trying to start the server: [ServerMain/ERROR]: Exception reading .\world\level.dat
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