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The original 3D guns add-on. Featuring 9 firearms for you to live out all your trigger-happy fantasies in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Blocky combat has never been better.

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Credits (Alphabetical)


ActualGuns 3D led the rise of fully-featured 3D gun add-ons in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Featuring nine firearms, each with high quality animations for both first and third-person, AG3D has been at the forefront of setting a new standard for add-ons. First released in September of 2020, we're now in the process of overhauling AG3D. New animations, effects, and more!

For those of you unfamiliar with ActualGuns 3D, here's a showcase of what the add-on has to offer:

(AR) MK18




(LMG) M249


(Shotgun) Benelli M3

Benelli M3

(Sniper) AWP


(Sniper) Barrett




(SMG) P90


(Pistol) Taurus


(Throwable) Chain-grenade


(Wearable) Night-vision goggles

Night-vision goggles

Images are great 'n all, but what about seeing the breathtaking animations? Fret not, we have you covered. This is the announcement video we made when we began the overhaul:

Quick Guide / Frequently Asked Questions / Support

What is an 'overhauled' weapon?

Overhauled weapons are those we've updated in our progressive overhaul to modernise ActualGuns 3D, after 2-3 years of hiatus.

Functionally, overhauled weapons are a different experience to their non-overhauled counterparts. Reloading is different, overhauled weapons' ammunition can be stacked, and they have various other changes/fixes to improve gameplay experience.

Which weapons have been overhauled, and which haven't?

As of version 1.8,


  • AKM
  • MK18
  • AWP
  • Barrett
  • M249

NOT Overhauled (Yet!):

  • Taurus
  • Benelli M3
  • MP5
  • P90
  • Chain-grenade
How do I get the guns?

In survival, weapons & ammunition are obtained either by trading with the cleric villager or looting pillager outposts.

In creative, they're all found in your creative inventory.

In commands, you can use "/give" to get guns or ammunition.

How do I reload?

To reload an overhauled weapon, punch whilst holding it, or use it whilst it's empty. You need the corresponding ammunition type in your inventory.

To reload a non-overhauled weapon, 'eat' (use) the corresponding ammunition for that weapon.

If I have more questions, found a bug, or need further support — how can I get in touch?

Please join our Discord server. We don't often provide support on other social medias, nor on publishing websites such as ModBay.

Installation & Troubleshooting

  • Please enable "Holiday Creator Features" under "Experiments" in your world settings. This is required!
  • Please ensure there are no conflicting add-ons enabled on your world. Even add-ons that might seem unrelated can cause conflict issues.
  • Please ensure you have both the resource and behaviour pack enabled. This should be automatic, though it's worth checking!

We display advertisements on our website. This provides a better user experience than URL proxies such as Adfly, Linkvertise, Bstlar, et cetera, whilst continuing to help finance the project. We do not take donations, but may consider this in future. If you'd prefer an ad-free download option for donations, such as via Patreon, please let us know in the comments!

v1.8 Change Log

v1.8 - The M249 Update


  • Re-made animations! 
  • Added random firing animations 
  • Added draw sounds (to yourself only) 
  • Added additional sounds to chains 
  • Added bullet holes/ricochet 
  • Added weight to empty gun

Fixes & General Changes:

  • You can't shoot whilst sprinting 
  • You can't shoot whilst drawing 
  • Adjusted sound positions 
  • Adjusted mag capacity to 64 instead of 1 
  • Adjusted accuracy 
  • Decreased rate of fire 
  • Changed reload mechanics: (loaded) hit block/entity with magazine in inventory to reload || (empty) hit/entity 
    with magazine in inventory to reload OR "use/shoot/eat" item with magazine in inventory to reload
  • Damage is now flat 13 
  • Adjusted reload & draw speeds (now slower) 
  • Decreased weight for: M249, AKM, MK18 
  • Re-made and optimised how the M249 hides the bullets inside the belt 
  • Belt sounds will not play depending on how little ammo you have 
  • Fixed a bug where reloading and "shooting" will cause the gun to reload again 
  • [1.8.1] Fixed a case where ammo item will be consumed again once the gun finishes reloading

Final Notes

Please, do not attempt to reach out for support unless you've first attempted to find answers in this post. Majority of questions are already answered here. Reading is healthy!

That aside, a big thank-you for your support! Please, feel free to share any feedback in the comments. Kind words are appreciated. <3

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