Pokémod - The Full Redstone Map - 2 Players Mini-Game

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WHO WILL BE THE BEST TRAINER? Here is the POKEMOD the full redstone map! Compete with your friends in this 100% redstone mini-game! Or explore the map and discover all the Pokémon that are there!

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Pokemod map description

Map min-game on the Pokémon theme. You're in your Pokémon village, at the foot of the Ho-oh Tower. Today is the big day, the day of the Pokémon game! You remember the strategies taught at school and head to the arena to battle your rival! On the way, you see many pokémon watching you!

You will then find a gameboy no color, which only works with redstone where you can face your friends in epic battles! A dedicated Pokémon environment and a customizable Pokémon village! Invite your friends to play with you on the 100% redstone Pokémod map!

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Pokemod map video

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Pokemod map content

This map is a Bedrock exclusive content. It contains:

  • A 100% redstone minigame playable with 2 players.
  • A customizable Pokémon village
  • An exciting Pokémon environment
  • An arena to battle your friends with the Pokémod!

Additional information:

  • The machine takes into account the types (weaknesses and resistances) of the pokémon.
  • The controllers contain 2 buttons: a classic attack that inflicts 3 points of damage and that has 25% of being dodged and a special attack that inflicts 1 point of damage on the resistant type, 2 points of damage on the neutral types and 5 points of damage on the weak type.
  • Type of display on the redstone screen: 1 pixel.
  • A locking system to avoid double attacks
  • A manual scoring system to count points
  • If you want to fly over the map, go to the top of the Ho-Oh tower !

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Pokemod map screenshot


Pokemod map (screenshot 1)

Pokemod map (screenshot 2)

Pokemod map (screenshot 3)

Pokemod map (screenshot 4)

Pokemod map (screenshot 5)

Pokemod map (screenshot 6)

Pokemod map (screenshot 7)

Pokemod map (screenshot 8)


Redstone system on the Pokemod map (screenshot 1)

Redstone system on the Pokemod map (screenshot 2)

Redstone system on the Pokemod map (screenshot 3)

Redstone system on the Pokemod map (screenshot 4)

Redstone system on the Pokemod map (screenshot 5)

Redstone system on the Pokemod map (screenshot 6)

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Map installation

To install this map, you must have the Minecraft Bedrock version:

  • Open the downloaded .mcworld file "Pokémon - The full redstone map". This will automatically install it on your game.
  • Create a survival map with the settings you want.
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Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50
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