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Reach the Button 2 is the sequel to "Reach the Button", a Minecraft Bedrock Edition map created by SpaceHusky. In Reach the Button 2, there are 10 stages to reach the button to. Each stage is differently themed and different overall. There are a total of 10 stages, can you beat them all?


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There are 10 stages in this Minecraft map. Each stage is different and unique.

Green = easy stage | Red = hard stage

Stage 1: Trail Ruins!

Trail Ruins themed stage built with blocks that can be founded in the Trail Ruins!

Stage 1 Screenshot 1

Stage 1 Screenshot 2

Stage 2: Slippery Ice!

Stage built entirely with Blue Ice & Packed Ice!

Stage 2 Screenshot 1

Stage 2 Screenshot 2

Stage 3: Reach th!!!!!!

reEEAHc ThE BtTUoN 23??!!

Stage 3 Screenshot 1

Stage 3 Screenshot 2

Stage 4: Beautiful Nature!

A beautiful view of nature!

Stage 4 Screenshot 1

Stage 4 Screenshot 2

Stage 5: Dessert Desert!

A sandy desert in the night with delicious desserts around!

Stage 5 Screenshot 1

Stage 5 Screenshot 2

Stage 6: Drippy Dripstone Caves!

Dripstone Caves themed stage!

Stage 6 Screenshot 1

Stage 6 Screenshot 2

Stage 7: Mooshroom World!

Stage filled with mushrooms and mycelium!

Stage 7 Screenshot 1

Stage 7 Screenshot 2


A stage based on the creator of this map! Wait that's me!!!

Stage 8 Screenshot 1

Stage 8 Screenshot 2

Stage 9: Survival Raft!

Raft in the middle of the ocean with "water" blocks to jump to!

Stage 9 Screenshot 1

Stage 9 Screenshot 2

Stage 10: MAZE!

Complete 3 mazes to reach the button!

Stage 10 Screenshot 1

Stage 10 Screenshot 2


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