Mob Battle Map [Level 1]

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My name is Cloud Lightning, I made a mob battle map using command block to speed up the creation process. Now you can download the mob battle arena that I have made. [All in One]

I finally found my deleted arena in my back-up folder! I fixed and redesigned some build designs and remove the outside builds including the massive ice spikes for some reason.

You can use this map for anything you want: server, marketplace content, etc. Of course, it's better to redesign some builds.

(this map does not use PLAYER.json)


This is an example of the mob battle arena in the link, some maps have a redstone/command block system, I've put a guide via a diary note. Because the map was created in my previous version.

Mob Battle Variants Pics

Mob Battle Variants: Screenshot 1

Mob Battle Variants: Screenshot 2

Mob Battle Variants: Screenshot 3

Mob Battle Variants: Screenshot 4



Bloody Arena: Screenshot 1

Bloody Arena: Screenshot 2

Bloody Arena: Screenshot 3

Bloody Arena: Screenshot 4

Updated on November 20

  • Added some maps
Changelog for September 30 / Old Update
  • Fixed some holes on map templates
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