The Hunted Addon [Dream Manhunt with a Twist] {Advanced AI}

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Ever wanted to experience Minecraft manhunt just like Dream? This addon is the one for you! It's a fully automated manhunt game with Advanced AI and many unique features! I challenge you to try this!

SmithyMC hunter

Important note:

Spawning multiple Hunters only works properly on high-end devices! I won't recommend adding extra Hunters on older devices! Please take your device limits in mind while playing this addon!

Great Tip:

When you are not gonna play Multiplayer, turn off Multiplayer in your Minecraft world settings! I discovered this oddly improves the game's performance while playing Minecraft alone! It even greatly improves addons! Give it a try!

Update: There are now 30+ Different Youtuber hunter skins, aswell as 20+ secret creepypasta hunter skins! Those will be chosen at random per hunter spawn!

Chat command addon

Function commands and game adjustments:

You could use "/function base" to summon Chunky the armor stand! He creates a 32x area! In this area, the Hunter gets passive, and any other monsters can't enter this area! But you can't kill the hunter in this safe area! Please keep in mind, the borders of the safe area aren't always safe! Outside the area, the Hunter will turn hostile again! Tip: Build some walls or use the environment to your advantage will make a safe area! A nice building can also help! In the safe area, the Hunter keeps you company, just like a competitive player who wants to beat you!

You can use "/function creative" to instantly enter creative mode, although this is kinda classed as cheating! I recommend playing this addon in survival mode, unless you are a mapmaker, or you simply need some preparation or setup! The choice is yours!(You are now free to use gamemodes since the latest update)

You can unlock 20+ creepypasta Hunters by tagging yourself horror by using "/tag @a add horror" When you want to return using the Youtubers theme use "/tag @a remove horror"

You are now able to spawn multiple Hunters by using " /scoreboard players set @s join 16 " use this after the timer ends! I recommend making a shortcut for this command!

When you are in creative or spectator mode, you can now do the command " /tag @e add targetx " to make Hunters fight different entities, including each other! I recommend using this command in a command_block! Use " /scoreboard players set @s join 16 " to spawn more hunters!

You could change Hunter kits now with /function t0 or t1 or t2 or t3 or t4 or t5! t0=Starter Tier, t1=Leather Tier, t2=Chainmail/Gold Tier, t3=Iron Tier, t4=Diamond Tier and t5=Netherite Tier!

For any hardcore players, there's a function to disable the timers and countdown to make the game way more fastpaced: Use "/function skip" to enable Rush Mode and use "/function wait" to play normally again!

How does it work:

When you enable this addon in your Minecraft world! Everything should work automatically! You have time to prepare yourself! After some time, a countdown will start! When the countdown ends, the AI Hunter will be unleashed, and you will be hunted to death!

The Hunter respawned

If either you or the Hunter dies, the game will reset, and you will move up a Tier increasing the difficulty!

There are different stages with upgrades for the Hunter, but keep in mind every Hunter is different and has many strategies to pursue and kill you!

The stage tiers:

  • Leather Tier = Tier 5 to 15
  • Chainmail Tier = Tier 15 to 25
  • Iron Tier = Tier 25 to 40
  • Diamond Tier = Tier 40 to 60
  • Netherite Tier = Tier 60 or higher

I challenge you to reach Tier 100! Good luck!

Hunter Abilities:

Tracks the players everywhere in Minecraft! Including in other dimensions (Use experimental Molang toggle)! Resets automatically after getting stuck!

The Hunter has many different weapons and skills to hunt you: Ranging from swords, bows, crossbows, tridents, different kinds of magic, potions, TNT and different random items! You could have a chance to loot those items by killing the Hunter as well! Smarter Hunters might swap their weapons and tools based on their needs!

The Hunter uses Shields to his advantage!

The Hunter Drinks various potions!

The Hunter Drinks invisibility potions sometimes to vanish and sneak up to you!

Hunters do eat stuff! Yes, even God apples!

The Hunters do eat Chorus fruit to glitch out of tricky positions!

The Hunters do chat to taunt you!

The Hunters do use Ender Pearls, But in their own fashion!

The Hunter can build: He can pillar up and dig holes to reach you underground! He also uses this for PVP strategy! Hunters will use a pickaxe to dig very fast, and will dig even faster when the player hides in caves!

The Hunter pathfinding is pretty good! He can also swim pretty fast! He moves unpredictable sometimes to throw you off!

The Hunter has a personality and taunts you! He plays with his prey and is really sadistic!

The Hunter has some crazy animations!

The Hunter will call for assistance if needed! A second Hunter will join the game! This Hunter will leave on player death (most times)! You can try to kill this Hunter for extra loot! But be careful, the Hunters are strong as a team! They will actually work together!

There is a wanted level based on your player level! Every 5 levels the heat increases and the chance of extra Hunter ambushes will multiply! Those extra Hunters ignore the timer to keep the heat up! Reaching higher levels increases the game's pace! The game starts quite chill, but starts to accelerate at later stages! Trespassing to other dimensions doubles the total heat level and might spawn the dimension police! This also applies to Ruined portals in the overworld! (Use experimental Molang toggle for this feature!)

Be careful, the Hunter sometimes cheats the game!

Some Hunters are extra smart!

There is much more, but you might want to see for yourself!

The Hunter follows the player

The Hunter attack

I recommend this addon for your survival, PVP and speedrun needs!

Everything works automatically!

Some New examples by SmithyMC and me:

Some pictures:

Countdown to the hunter's attack

The hunter spawned in the world

Do you wanna play a game with Hunter?

The Player defeated the Hunter

You are hunted title

The hunter sets the player on fire

Countdown and smile

Another hunter's attack

The hunter is chasing the player

Warning: Always use this addon in a fresh new world or make a good copy! This Bot is really evil and might mess up your builds! You are warned!


New videos, including a great showcase by SmithyMC:

The Hunted Hardcore Edition Addon (Separate version):

This is a new game formula to try! In this version, the addon runs differently! You will get just a brief moment to prepare! After that, a quick countdown starts! When it ends, the Hunter will spawn and hunt you down! What's different in this game is there are no timers after the first countdown! Hunters will continuously ambush you after! By increasing your heat level, multiple Hunters will come at once! This is a really fast-paced game with quite some pressure sometimes! Especially made for Hardcore players! A benefit of this formula is: Hunters will come and go dynamically! They multiply, but also despawn sometimes! Making the gameplay more fluid and quick (Maybe even better Performance)! This is an experiment just for fun and might change depending on the results!

Experimental Minecraft Manhunt Theme Music:

I added a soundtrack to the addon: "Trance Music for Racing Games" used in many popular manhunt video's! For instance, Dream Manhunt! You could toggle it on and off by adjusting the music slider in the Minecraft settings!


Always delete the older version, before installing a new one! Versions don't stack!

Important setting:

Please enable the Experimental molang toggle in your world settings! It's needed for the reworked dimension system! The Hunter needs it to track you in other dimensions!


Faster device means faster Hunters! This addon is really complicated and might not work as intended on all devices! If the game runs in slow motion all the time, your device might be a little too old to run the addon correctly! Tips for lag or slow gameplay: Try to change some game settings like render distance or other toggles like fancy graphics or clouds! Also, your device specs are pretty important! You do need at least 2 GB ram, maybe even more, to have a smooth intended The Hunted Addon experience! Please don't be upset when the Hunter is too slow! You might have to upgrade your device! This addon is made and tested on the newest iPad Pro 12.9! It started as a crazy experiment! Addon performance might improve over time!


Thanks to SmithyMC for his brilliant video showcase for the addon!

Thanks to cpzlvslpz for the custom ambience sounds!

Visit my YouTube channel (DolphinMasterMB) for convenient tutorials about my content and many previews of new features getting announced: https://youtube.com/@DolphinMasterMB

Updated on July 17

  • I did some much needed bug fixes (It had to be done, lol)!
  • I added manhunt theme music used in many popular manhunt videos!!
  • I added an important tweak improving performance (I didn't know big numbers in components could cause performance issues lol)!
Changelog for July 16 / old update
  • I added The Hunted Hardcore Edition Addon separate version to test a new game formula!
  • I did some more improvements to the Hunters pathfinding!
  • Hunters are once again able to drink various potions and also use splash potions!
  • The Hunters can use the art of invisibility again!
  • The Hunters will use archery more effectively!
  • I added a small tweak that possibly improve performance!
  • I fixed some more bugs!
Changelog for July 7 / old update
  • I added function skip and wait to disable timers and countdown for fastpaced gameplay!
  • I added function t0, t1, t2, t3, t4 and t5 to change the Hunters armor and equipment tiers!
  • I massively improved the Hunters building, mining and pathfinding!
  • I fixed an annoying issue with Hunters having a certain deadspot preventing them to reach you!
  • I fixed another annoying bug having the Hunters drink potions interfering with their weapon usage! The Hunters are now once again able to effectively use different weapons!
  • I added more clear info to the Addon page!
  • I added more updated videos and removed some old ones!
  • I did many behind the scenes improvements and bug fixes!

Please leave some suggestions for me to improve the addon in future updates!


Download links
The Hunted Hardcore Edition Addon[zip, 15.49 Mb]
The Hunted Addon[zip, 15.49 Mb]
The Hunted Hardcore Edition Addon[mcaddon, 15.47 Mb]
The Hunted Addon[mcaddon, 15.47 Mb]
Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70
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  1. Omg! Thank you very much Admin D! You got it to work! Fantastic! You found and corrected the issues! Cheers! ; )
  2. Hi Admin D, Thank you very much for helping me update the addon! But could you maybe add the new videos visibly to the addon page please? Also there's a little text oddity in the changelog with the dot separating a section of info that should be one bit! "I fixed another annoying bug having the Hunters drink potions interfering with their weapon usage! The Hunters are now once again able to effectively use different weapons!" Should be one bit! I hope you could help me! Cheers!
    1.  profile avatarD profile avatar D
      Hi! What kind of videos are we talking about? ๐Ÿ™‚
      1. The 2 New latest Youtube videos I added! ; )
    2.  profile avatarD profile avatar D
      As for the second question. I don't quite understand what you're talking about
      1. Please read the changelog around the word "Effectively" It kinda looks a little odd there! Sorry it's hard to explain without showing it directly! I hope you could find the issue!
  3.  profile avatarBlayy profile avatar Blayy
    Advanced AI?? I WILL TEST IT NOW
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  5.  profile avatarBidizzle profile avatar Bidizzle
    Pretty fun concept! It sure keeps me on my toes when playing with this addon!
    1. Thank you very much for playing my addon! Any cool suggestions or good feedback? Cheers! ; )
      1.  profile avatarBidizzle profile avatar Bidizzle
        Perhaps give the hunters specific dialog based on their skin. Also whenever a hunter calls for another, it could be interesting to see a chance that the 2nd hunter has equipment that matches with the current tier. Other than that, it was pretty challenging and I had fun making it to tier 100 in a copy of my addon survival world!
        1. Thanks for your suggestions! About dialog: I try to keep dialog universal between the characters for now! I might still make character unique dialog additionally for another update though! About the second hunter: He actually already get's tier specific equipment, but it might cost him some time! Hunters actually need to earn their equipment aswell! You played all the way to tier 100?! Good job! Did you actually encounter any lag issues? I'm working on improving performance! People on older devices actually couldn't play the addon! I'm working on it! Cheers! ; )
          1.  profile avatarBidizzle profile avatar Bidizzle
            I did not have any performance issues, however I mostly run minecraft bedrock on PC or my high end tablet (Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra) so that's probably expected lol. I can at least confirm that it works well on those devices! Good work with the addon, I can't wait to see future updates!
  6. No avatar image DankyMan
    Is there a way to get creative on this addon because I can't and also can you make spawn egg with this fella
    1. Creative mode will be better accessible in next update! I'm not planning on adding a spawnegg for the Hunters unfortunately! The function system handles the spawns! The Hunters are classed and tagged per name! Just spawning them casually won't work and might break the game experience! Also having to much Hunters could break the game! They are pretty complex! I hope I can help you! Cheers!
  7. Btw, What happened to mcpedl? I had submitted a update for one of my addons and it's still not approved ever since 2 April! Did they stop supporting their website? I might submit more stuff on Modbay! They actually take good care!๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. I recommend giving ModBay a try! They have got super good administration! Instead of roasting your submission, they actually care and help you to submit your new addon! They even help you with formatting your addon page description! Great service! On ModBay they actually care about their users and their work! Cheers!๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰
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