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Expansive Biomes adds 18+ new biomes to the game for you to seek out and explore. Expansive Biomes also includes some new mobs, items, and blocks!

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Creator: iKorbon

Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay

V1.7.0 Trailer

May not work well on older/slower devices.

May not work well with other biome addons.

Known Bugs/Problems:

Custom leaves do not decay.

Custom Logs aren't mined faster with vanilla axes.

Custom Ores aren't mined faster with vanilla pickaxes.

Custom pickaxe can't mine some blocks.

Cattails may spawn on wrong blocks and spawn with vines on them.

Some enchantments don't work on custom items and armor (example - Efficiency).

Wider custom trees will sometime hang over the side of the terrain.

Custom leaves may render incorrectly from a distance.


You can view the addon wiki here.




Boggy Swamp

Boggy Swamp: Screenshot

Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest: Screenshot

Pendula Forest

Pendula Forest: Screenshot

Deciduous Forest

Deciduous Forest: Screenshot

Coniferous Forest

Coniferous Forest: Screenshot

Mystic Forest

Mystic Forest: Screenshot

Lavender Plains

Lavender Plains: Screenshot


Shrublands: Screenshot

Jacaranda Forest

Jacaranda Forest: Screenshot

Maple Forest

Maple Forest: Screenshot

Autumn Forest

Autumn Forest: Screenshot


Desert: Screenshot

Cherry Grove

Cherry Grove: Screenshot


Jungle: Screenshot

Aspen Forest

Aspen Forest: Screenshot


Savanna: Screenshot

more to find!




Scorpions are hostile mobs that spawn during the night in the desert, but can survive in the daylight. They can be found in 3 different sizes, each size having slightly different speed and attack values corresponding with their size. They inflict fatal poison for 5 seconds to whatever they attack making them more dangerous in a pack, and have a 20% chance of dropping their stinger when killed which can be crafted into a Stinger Knife using 3 stingers and a stick.

Scorpions: Screenshot


A cave dwelling monster of, as of now, unknown origin.

They lurk deep in caves, spawning between levels -63 through 8. While their eyesight isn't the best, they make up for it by using smell and sound. They will seek players periodically within a 24 block radius, then will attack when within 6 blocks of a player. Unless hit, running outside of the 6 block radius will cause them to temporarily lose sight of the player. They despise fire, so using torches, standing torches, campfires, and lanterns are a good repellent against them. However, they can and will break torches around them but are unable to break standing torches, campfires, and lanterns.

Dweller: Screenshot


They can be found in Jungles, they are neutral animals and will only attack when provoked. They will pickup and eat dropped food and will even pickup majority of items. When picking up any tools and armor, they will equip and use them, so be careful not to lose your gear near them because they will not give it back willingly.

Chimpanzee: Screenshot


Passive mobs that will avoid players, villagers, and pillagers. They will drop venison, deer antlers, leather and a rare chance to drop a deer trophy when killed.

Deer: Screenshot


Warthogs are neutral animals that spawn in the Savanna biome, and will only attack the player if provoked. Players can equip a saddle on a Warthog and can ride them using a carrot on a stick, similar to pigs. Warthogs will periodically start searching for a nearby block and then will start digging in hopes to find food. During this process, there is a chance they can dig up other items other than food. If a desired food item is successfully dug up, they will eat the food. They have a striking resemblance to the Nether's Hoglins, and will convert to Hoglins if they are in the Nether for too long.

Warthog: Screenshot


Adorable neutral mobs that will attack players if angered. They will avoid players, and are nocturnal and will sleep during the day similar to foxes. They will eat crops, and pickup most food items and eat them. They are afraid of carved pumpkins, so they are a good way to prevent raccoons from eating crops. To tame raccoons, sneak and feed them bread.

Raccoons: Screenshot


Spawns primarily in water, where it is fastest, and will attack most mobs. Drops Crocodile meat when killed.

Crocodile: Screenshot


Acts the same as a normal cow, but is yellow, and covered with Buttercup flowers.

Moobloom: Screenshot


Neutral mob that will attack monsters (excluding creepers). Will attack players if angered. Spawns in Mystic Forest biomes. Can be traded with.

Goblins: Screenshot

Mossy Skeleton & Zombie

Currently just reskinned skeletons and zombies that spawn in the Bog biome.

Mossy Skeleton & Zombie: Screenshot

Trapper Pillager

Neutral towards players unless angered. You can trade with them for pelts, leather, and hide, but their trades will not replenish. They will attack villagers, iron golems, and bears on sight. Skilled archers that can shoot 2 arrows at once in a short amount of time and have 45 points of health. Can be found in Hunter Cabin structures.

Trapper Pillager: Screenshot

Black Bear

Neutral mob that will run from players, will only attack if hit or a bear cub is near.

Black Bear: Screenshot

Grizzly Bear

Aggressive mob that will attack players, pillagers, and monsters (excluding creepers).

Grizzly Bear: Screenshot


Small passive mobs that will fly around randomly. Spawns at night in most biomes. Can be caught with a glass jar.

Fireflies: Screenshot


Aggressive mob that does 7 hearts of damage per hit, will attack most mobs on sight, and will throw balls of packed ice that deal 3 and 1/2 hearts when their target gets too far away. Spawns rarely in any Frozen biome, but spawns more commonly in the Frost Forest biome.

Yeti: Screenshot

Tools & Armor:

Tools & Armor

Grizzly Pelt Armor - Made from Grizzly Bear Pelts, and iron armor, it is a little stronger in protection, and durability than iron, and has a working cloak! (Remove cape from player to avoid them from glitching through each other.)

Vibranium Armor - Made from vibranium ingots, and is stronger than Netherite, more knockback resistance, and has slightly better durability. Some parts will glow in the dark, unless enchanted.

Vibranium Armor: Screenshot

  • Vibranium Sword - deals 9 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.
  • Vibranium Pickaxe - deals 7 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.
  • Vibranium Axe - deals 8 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.
  • Vibranium Shovel - deals 6 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.
  • Vibranium Hoe - deals 7 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.
  • Stinger Knife - deals 4 damage, and has 60 durability. Causes fatal poison for 4 seconds on hit.

Vibranium can be found in Savanna biomes between levels 16 though-64, it has similar distribution as diamonds, but much rarer.

Vibranium Tools: Screenshot


Credit to Nargoth, Skycubb73 and ytpo for ongoing Hungarian, French, and Polish language support.

Credit to bumTeam for coding of custom doors and stairs.

These Experimental Settings must be enabled!

Required Experiments for Expansive Biomes Addon

Updated on May 14



  • Fixed yeti log errors related to animations
v1.7.31 / April 29 / Old Update


  • Lowered spawn rate of yeti
v1.7.3 / March 26 / Old Update


  • Readded Autumn Forest
  • Readded Volcanic Peaks


  • Added Autumn Sapling


  • Baobab, jacaranda, and aspen saplings will no longer leave an empty air block when a tree is grown
  • Aspen saplings will now drop themselves when mined
  • Baobab, jacaranda, and redwood fences can now be crafted
  • Baobab leaves now have the correct sound
v1.7.2 /ย February 19 / Old Update


  • Updated Savanna biome


  • Added Strata
  • Added Wild Wheat
  • Added Dead Fern
  • Added Baobab Blocks


  • Removed oak trees from Savanna biome
  • Added Baobab Trees


  • Added Warthog
  • Raccoons can only hold 1 item at a time
  • Chimps can only hold 1 item at a time


  • Aspen leaves now drop the correct loot when mined by players
  • Aspen leaves can now be found in the creative category
  • Aspen sapling can now be found under the nature category in the sapling group
  • Fixed some blocks having a border shadow


  • Added compatibility for Minecraft version 1.20.60

NOTICE: The listed biomes will not work currently.

  • Volcanic Peaks
  • Canyon
  • Autumn Forest
v1.7.1 / January 15 / Old Update


  • Added Daisy Petals


  • Bees now are tempted by custom flowers
  • Bees can be bred and grown with custom flowers


  • Added daisy petals to Pendula and Flower Forests
v1.7.0 / November 16 / Old Update


  • Added Aspen Forest
  • Removed dirt from deserts


  • Added Aspen Leaves
  • Added Aspen Leaf Pile
  • Readded custom doors
  • Updated redwood plank texture
  • Updated redwood door texture
  • Updated redwood trapdoor texture
  • Updated jacaranda trapdoor texture
  • Custom doors now use the new door sounds
  • Custom trapdoors now use the new trapdoor sounds
  • Updated geometry of tinder mushrooms
  • Updated texture of tinder mushrooms


  • Updated texture for raccoon
  • Updated geometry for goblins
  • Lowered spawn rate of fireflies
  • Deer will only follow players when holding carrots
  • Baby deer can be fed carrots to grow up
  • Chimps can be bred with apples
  • Disabled pumpkin zombies and skeletons from spawning


  • Armor trims can be applied to vibranium armor
  • Vibranium armor can be repaired using the same armor piece or with vibranium ingots
  • Grizzly armor can be repaired using the same armor piece or with iron ingots


  • Vibranium tools and weapons can be repaired using the same item or with vibranium ingots


  • Added aspen sapling


  • Fixed jacaranda saplings growing into trees when the block below them was broken
  • Fixed custom saplings not being able to grow naturally
v1.6.9 / October 26 / Old Update


  • Added redwood fence
  • Added jacaranda fence
  • Slightly adjusted brightness of maple leaves texture


  • Redwood sapling can now be used as fuel
  • Jacaranda saplings can now be used as fuel
  • Maple saplings can now be used as fuel
  • Sulfur moved to the items category


  • Fixed several foliage features that were affected by 1.20.30


  • Chance for Pumpkin Zombies to spawn (time limited)
  • Chance for Pumpkin Skeletons to spawn (time limited)
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