Expansive Biomes [v1.7.0]

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Want new biomes to explore in your Minecraft world? Expansive Biomes adds 18+ new biomes to the game for you to seek out and explore, with more being added in the future!

Expansive Biomes adds 18+ new biomes to the game for you to seek out and explore. Expansive Biomes also includes some new mobs, items, and blocks!


Creator: iKorbon

Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay

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  • May not work well with other biome/world generation addons!
  • If using in a video, link to original post, do not redistribute your own downloads/links, or post anywhere else without my permission!
  • These experimental settings must be enabled:

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Tools & Armor

Tools & Armor

Known Bugs / Problems

  • Custom leaves do not decay.
  • Custom Logs aren't mined faster with vanilla axes.
  • Custom Ores aren't mined faster with vanilla pickaxes.
  • Custom pickaxe can't mine some blocks.
  • Cattails may spawn on the wrong blocks and spawn with vines on them.
  • Some enchantments don't work on custom items and armor (example: efficiency).
  • Wider custom trees will sometimes hang over the side of the terrain.
  • Custom leaves may render incorrectly from a distance.


  • Credit to bumTeam for coding of custom doors and stairs. Try out bum_Crops!
  • Credit to ihategravel for the coding of custom trapdoors.
  • Credit to Nargoth, Skycubb73 and ytpo for ongoing Hungarian, French, and Polish language support.

Expansive Biomes Logo

Updated on November 16



  • Added Aspen Forest
  • Removed dirt from deserts


  • Added Aspen Leaves
  • Added Aspen Leaf Pile
  • Readded custom doors
  • Updated redwood plank texture
  • Updated redwood door texture
  • Updated redwood trapdoor texture
  • Updated jacaranda trapdoor texture
  • Custom doors now use the new door sounds
  • Custom trapdoors now use the new trapdoor sounds
  • Updated geometry of tinder mushrooms
  • Updated texture of tinder mushrooms


  • Updated texture for raccoon
  • Updated geometry for goblins
  • Lowered spawn rate of fireflies
  • Deer will only follow players when holding carrots
  • Baby deer can be fed carrots to grow up
  • Chimps can be bred with apples
  • Disabled pumpkin zombies and skeletons from spawning


  • Armor trims can be applied to vibranium armor
  • Vibranium armor can be repaired using the same armor piece or with vibranium ingots
  • Grizzly armor can be repaired using the same armor piece or with iron ingots


  • Vibranium tools and weapons can be repaired using the same item or with vibranium ingots


  • Added aspen sapling


  • Fixed jacaranda saplings growing into trees when the block below them was broken
  • Fixed custom saplings not being able to grow naturally
Changelog for October 26 / v1.6.9 / Old Update
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